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Do you have an idea that combines everyday things in a new and creative way?

Results WED, JUL 19, 2023 - MON, OCT 02, 2023

【NEWS】Update: November 10, 2023
The Creative Discovery Challenge has selected 13 winning projects!
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[NEWS] Update: November 7, 2023 

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the overwhelming response to our open call, as well as the large volume of votes cast in the People's Choice Award category. 

However, due to the extensive evaluation process and necessary preparations taking longer than expected, we regret to announce that the results for our open call will be postponed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and are working diligently to finalize the results. We appreciate your understanding. 

New Announcement Date: Scheduled for Wednesday, November 13th

Application has been closed on October 2. We received nearly 200 entries, and would like to thank everyone for their submission.
Voting is now open for the people' choice award from October 4 until October 31.

Voting period: October 4 2023 - October 31 2023

1. How to vote for entries on the AWRD website:
Click the VOTE button below the work you want to vote for on the “Entries” page.
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2. How to vote for entries on Instagram:
On the “Entries (Instagram)” page, click on a project and then click the “See on Instagram” button underneath the caption. This will take you to Instagram, where you can click the heart (like) button.
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The results are planned to be announced on Tuesday, November 7th.

Do you have an idea that combines everyday things in a new and creative way?

Theme : Bricolage

People’s ability to create is constantly evolving.

We believe that there is always value in enriching someone's life.

By using not just cutting-edge technology, but also a change of mindset, we believe it is possible to uncover the yet unseen value hidden in everyday things.

Our hope is to give new value to the everyday by combining familiar objects with new ideas.

In this open call, we are asking you to propose innovative ideas and designs. Using “Bricolage*,” we want you to leverage your own unique perspective to propose a new way to enhance everyday life.

Bricolage refers to the process of “making do,” as coined by Lévi-Strauss. It is an artistic process that embodies notions of resourcefulness, assemblage, and DIY and focuses on creating something new and innovative out of whatever materials are at hand.

Entries are open to a wide range of creations—both tangible and intangible—including products and services.

By providing people from varied backgrounds with the ability to share their ideas, this project hopes to encourage further open collaboration in our goal to enrich people’s lives.

We look forward to seeing a diverse range of creations from all over the world!

Example Projects for Reference

Application Guidelines

Entry Format

We welcome submissions from all over the world in any form, any stage, and any industry. When we say ‘any form’, we mean any form; from tangible products to project designs and even types of services, all types of creations in any stage of design are welcome .

Images of the project and idea are required, and you also have the option to include videos, web pages, graphics and other forms of media as a URL during submission.

Number of Entries

*You can submit multiple projects as separate entries.

Please see here for a detailed application outline.

Evaluation Criteria

The objective of this open call is not to just recognize the most outstanding projects, but rather to uncover forward-thinking ideas that are both attainable and that utilize accessible technology.  When evaluating the submissions, we will consider the following criteria as well as each curator’s unique perspective derived from their respective area of expertise.

1. Inspirational 

Unleash your creativity and inspire us with ideas that evoke a "wow" factor. Even in familiar technologies, there are untapped possibilities waiting to be uncovered.

2. Forward-looking 

We value forward-thinking and future-oriented ideas that are challenging and innovative.

3. Mix & Match 

We highly appreciate ideas that propose unique value through the combination of various technologies and materials, based on the concept of bricolage.

4. Thoughtful 

We value ideas that consider the needs of the intended recipient while enriching their everyday experience.

5. Resource-efficient 

We will assess projects that are realistic, make effective use of everyday materials and things, and can be started on as early as tomorrow.

Recommended for people who:

  • Are interested in generating ideas that enhance their surroundings and the lives of other people
  • Want to share their unique discoveries with the world
  • Want to challenge themselves in creating new things and ideas

There are no specific requirements for eligibility. Anyone can is free to participate.

If you think you fit the above description, we would love to receive hear about your creations and ideas.

We look forward to receiving your application!


Selected entries will be announced on this AWRD website.

Three types of awards will be established: General, Next-Generation, and People's Choice. 5 works will be chosen for each respective category.

About General Awards

General Awards will be selected from all applications we receive. Curators in this award will decide which projects to feature.

About Next-Generation Awards

This award is open to everyone, but to support the future generation, we have established the Next-Generation Award.

*This award is available to those born on or after January 1, 1996. Please refer to the application guidelines for more details.

About People's Choice Awards

The people's choice award is selected via voting through the AWRD platform as well as the “likes” feature on Instagram.

*Please note that the number of awarded works may change.

*Voting will begin after the application deadline has passed. Voting is scheduled to begin in mid-October, 2023.

General Award
(4 Projects)

- Prize money (30,000 yen) and a commemorative award

-Comments from the judges

- An announcement on social media

Next-generation Award
(4 Projects)

- Prize money (30,000 yen) and a commemorative award

- Comments from the judges

- An announcement on social media

People's Choice Award
(Several Projects)

- Commemorative award

- An announcement on social media


Architecture and Design Office, Founder of "PechaKucha Night"

Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) is a multi-disciplinary design practice known for architecture, interiors, public spaces and installations. Established by Royal College of Art graduates Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in Tokyo in 1991, today KDa is a multi-lingual office with an international reputation and a high-profile client list. Representative works are Tsutaya Books (2011), GINZA PLACE (2016), Facade of Cartier Osaka (2021) and winning many internationally renowned awards.

In 2003, KDa devised PechaKucha Night as an event for Tokyo designers to meet and share their work – it has now grown into an international network with events running in over 1,300 cities around the globe, inspiring creatives worldwide.

Kyle Li
Program Director of MFA Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design

Kyle Li is a teacher, a hands-on experimentalist, and an immersive media designer based in New York City. His body of work explores playful experiences through interconnected physical and digital components. He started to teach full-time at Parsons in 2008. He founded the indie game design pathway, co-designed the minor study of Immersive Storytelling, and built an industrial grade motion-capture studio for VR/AR/MR/XR related explorations. He designed and taught the first official university course on UGC and Digital Fashion for Roblox. He is currently a program director of MFA design and technology program at Parsons School of Design and continues to offer design education for students of today.

Kimika Tonuma
Editor in Chief of IDEAS FOR GOOD

Kimika Tonuma is an enthusiastic editor driven by curating and crafting compelling ideas. Mainly interested in German and Nordic cultures and languages, she is also dedicated to fostering dialogue arenas. She pursued Journalism studies in Berlin and has completed Hyper Island's Creating Innovation online course, continually contributing to social-good innovation.

Tetsuro Ueda
Expert Leader in the Mobility & AI Laboratory at the Nissan Research Center.

 Tetsuro Ueda, Ph.D. has been involved in researching the industrial applications of IT, AI, and connected cars at Nissan Motor Co. for over 30 years. He has recently been working with AI and data science, fields which were not originally part of automotive engineering. He is interested in how AI and data science will ultimately impact and shift UI/UX design involved in the overall driving experience, giving birth to his slogan “AI meets UI.”

At the 2019 CES, he introduced Nissan Invisible-to-Visible (i2V), a metaverse connectivity concept for cars, at a time when the metaverse was not yet widely known. He is also responsible for the "Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle," a prototype sedan based on the concept of bricolage, which was unveiled in March 2023.


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    At Nissan, we strive to create a better society through the power of technology. We believe that ideas that seek to improve our society and quality of life offer immense value.

    In 2023, as we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we are launching the DRIVE MYSELF PROJECT dedicated to creating a better future through co-creation with the next generation. As part of this project, the Creative Discovery Challenge aims to serve as an open innovation platform operating under the theme of "Bricolage" that collects and shares creative ideas from around the world with the potential to improve our lives.

    Through this "Creative Discovery Challenge" open call, we aim to gather creative ideas from across the world to take steps towards creating an everyday where open innovation and collaboration is commonplace. While valuing each individual's voice, we believe that the sharing of ideas will contribute to the creation of a more fulfilling everyday and the betterment of society as we take these steps towards co-creating a new future.



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