Make it Yourself Project #01

Traveling Leather Slipper by KULUSKA

Closed MON, MAY 11, 2015 - WED, JUN 17, 2015

Result announcement

As a result of the jury's selection, 10 works out of more than 70 entries were realized and exhibited at FabCafe. You can see all the awarded works here .

Multicolored open design slippers made with KULUSKA

Someone's passion for "creating" drives another creator, and the next creation is born. One job leads to the inspiration of various creators.

“Make it Yourself” is a series of manufacturing projects in which creators meet each other through a real place and the Internet, and develop through chemical reactions.

For the first time, we realized a collaboration with "traveling leather slippers" of the design unit KULUSKA.

How Make it Yourself works

The maker provides the "model" of manufacturing.
Through the web, creators from around the world receive "types" and "story".
Various creators repeatedly create their own works based on the pattern.

About # 01 Traveling Leather Slippers

Maker: Traveling design unit KULUSKA

Leather slippers produced by craftsmen and designer unit KULUSKA are special slippers that “travel the world”. He traveled the African continent, the world, and Japan, and finally reached the US President Obama.

Introducing KULUSKA's challenge to open up a manufacturing experience for everyone and the story of the encounter created by "Open Design".

>> From Kamakura to Kenya -Interview with magic slippers KULUSKA traveling around the world

Theme: Add your own color to KULUSKA's "Traveling Leather Slippers"

We are looking for a design image of original slippers that combine your own works and ideas based on leather slippers of travel design unit KULUSKA.

The possibilities of arrangement are endless, such as printing works such as illustrations and graphics on slippers, engraving with laser cutters, sewing embroidery and buttons with your own hands!

Make two slippers, one for the important person

The 10 winners of the design judging will receive two leather slipper kits that reproduce the winning works as prizes.

Slippers should be completed with your own hands, with your own hand. Please give one of the two slippers to your loved one.

For example, it might be a good idea to give it to someone who is far away and cannot always meet.

In addition, an exhibition of completed slippers will be held at FabCafe Tokyo (Shibuya, Tokyo)! (Scheduled to be held from late August to early September)

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