NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022|Create a Melting Reality

An XR Content Awards in the fields of Fashion / Culture / Art The NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022 will be held! Marking the 5th Anniversary of the NEWVIEW AWARDS, The theme for this year's awards is "Create a Melting Reality."

Results MON, AUG 08, 2022 - MON, OCT 31, 2022

【12/28 update】
NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022 Announces winners!
Please take a look at the award-winning works of the next generation of creators,
where the real and virtual blend together.

- Create a Melting Reality -

The NEWVIEW Program is a project and community that cultivates new creative expressions and experiences in 3D space. This year we will host the 5th Annual NEWVIEW AWARDS for XR content in the fields of Fashion, Culture, and Art.

The NEWVIEW AWARDS has since received a total of 774 entries from 17countries over the past four years.

The theme for this year's awards, which will be the 5th anniversary of these awards, is "Create a Melting Reality." We are looking for works that explore forms of expression and experiences that integrate our real and virtual worlds both physically and sensorially so as to bring our existing culture to greater heights! Winning artists will be offered the necessary support to set up their next-generation XR content in Tokyo's Shibuya, a melting pot of many different cultures from all over the world, both ancient and modern. We will also be implementing trials in the near future that are aimed at transforming major cities around the world into a real metaverse through the works of artists.
The production and distribution platform is STYLY(, a VR/AR/MR creative platform that provides a space for artists in all fields of digital expression to exhibit their creative styles. We look forward to ambitious approaches that allow our real and virtual worlds to "melt" into one.



Message from the Jury President

"Create a Melting Reality (MR)"
Naohiro Ukawa (Contemporary Artist / DOMMUNE)

The post-pandemic era has finally arrived.
In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic imposed restrictions on physical events, leading to a concurrent exodus of art and entertainment to the virtual world. "Metaverse" became the buzzword of the year. This transformed our definition of "reality" and triggered an earthquake and evolution in the very nature of events experienced by individual subjects, through which the concept of reality was redesigned. Along with this, as we began to adapt to the emergence of weaker virus strains, the world finally entered the with-COVID age. 2022 can be said to be the first year of the post-pandemic era. Because of this, our desire for more corporeal sensory experiences and more emotional communication in the physical world has been fired up once again. On the other hand, our reality that has undergone a redesign through the incorporation of a virtual layer continues to induce experiences that cannot be had in our physical world!! Therefore, this year's NEWVIEW AWARDS seeks to explore the possibilities for new forms of expression in which our real and virtual worlds "melt" into one. Such forms of expression can move our senses and tug at our heartstrings by superimposing a new layer of our physical world. For NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022, the 5th anniversary of these awards, we are looking for works that point the way to new sensory experiences that integrate our real and virtual worlds.
Create a Melting Reality!!


This award recognizes works that create a "melting reality" based on the following criteria.

1) Interesting interpretation of and approach to the theme

Works that feature an original interpretation of and a unique approach to the theme of "melting reality" are favored.

2) Refreshing user experience

Works that challenge the existing perspectives and values of individuals experiencing them and provide high-quality experiences are favored.

3) Potential for development

Works that generate new possibilities for existing cultural domains such as fashion, music, or art through XR are favored.


We hope to offer opportunities for the next generation of talented artists from around the world to showcase their new creations.

Jury President|Naohiro Ukawa(Contemporary Artist / DOMMUNE)

Up to USD 10,000 in production support for new work to back the winner up as an iconic NEWVIEW XR artist and support them make their leap forward into the XR scene, with opportunities to exposure at the SUPER DOMMUNE program and showcase work on NEWVIEW FEST 2023. In addition, NEWVIEW plans to offer opportunities for activity and exposure at projects and events that NEWVIEW will hold internationally in 2023.

Jury|Kizuna AI Inc.(Virtual entertainer management team / Creative team)

This is the #kzn (nicknamed Kizuna-chan) prize. #kzn is a singing-specific AI character developed based on the voice of Kizuna AI. The winning artists will be able to participate in the stage space production of the first live #kzn performance, which is scheduled for February 2023. ︎In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

※ More than one person may be selected. If more than one person is selected, the production support will be divided among the number of participants.

Jury|Shinichi Osawa(Musician / Composer / DJ / Producer)

ULTRA SO SESSION Prize is selected by Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO), a musician, composer, DJ, and producer exploring next-generation approaches to music production. He will select an XR artist as his new session partner. He will create and release new work together with the winner in 2023. In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

Jury|Lu Yang(Artist)

This prize is intended to choose a content creator for "ULTRA TOUR by STYLY," a first-of-its-kind tour program that utilizes XR to accommodate multiple participants simultaneously. It garnered attention for a project called "RPG Restaurant," among other programs.
The ULTRA TOUR Prize will be selected by Lu Yang, who is a transdisciplinary researcher, experimental creator, and multimedia artist. Her work has been selected by the world's leading art institutions and international art competitions. Lu Yang will judge the competition and act as a content-creating mentor to the winning artist. In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

Jury|yurinasia(Dancer / Dance instructor / Choreographer)

ULTRA MEDIA Prize is a prize offered by the culture magazine EYESCREAM. The judging will be led by yurinasia, a world-renowned dancer and choreographer. The artist selected will be featured in a web article. The winner is scheduled to produce work in collaboration with yurinasia. In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

Jury|Issei Kitagawa(President of GRAPH / Designer / Artist)

In this prize, PARCO PRINT CENTER, a new art market by PARCO, will select a creator to work together to create new art products that combine the real and digital worlds. After discussing the optimal output method, the winning creator will develop products for sale at PARCO PRINT CENTER. In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

Jury|Qanta Shimizu(CEO of BASSDRUM / Technical director) x Luca(Artist)

In this prize, BASSDRUM, the center of the technology field that gives shape to ideas, will select a creator to work together to create new experiences that bring together art and technology. The winning creator will be able to create art for an exhibition, which will be technical direction by BASSDRUM. In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

Jury|Daisuke Kobayashi(Producer / General Manager, Entertainment Business Department, PARCO Inc.)


The ULTRA CULTURE Prize is a prize selected by PARCO, which has been incubating cutting-edge culture since its establishment. It will choose an artist with whom to experiment in creating new XR experiences. The winning creators will create a collaborative work with PARCO based on the idea they "want to try" and will be provided an opportunity to showcase their work at a PARCO event. In addition, up to USD 5,000 will be provided for production support.

Jury|Nick den Boer(Award-winning director / Animato / Digital artist)

Your technical expertise does not matter!
"ULTRA IDEA Prize" is a new Prize that can be won with one idea. The estimated experience time is 15 seconds. The build should be as simple as possible. We will recognize creations that move our hearts with unique ideas and expressions. XR beginners are very welcome! We look forward to seeing your uninhibited ideas and new talents.
The prize winner will be provided USD2,000 for production support and the right to attend the "NEWVIEW SCHOOL" in 2023 to learn more about the XR approach and technology.

※You can easily set up "animations" and "interactions" functions in STYLY.
Reference: Modifier Starter Guide(
※The attendance areas of NEWVIEW SCHOOL (Japan, Canada, UK, Taiwan, etc.) will be discussed with the winners.

【The social media response were also used in reviewing】
These prizes will be judged by the jury and also the social media response. In addition to submitting your entry by clicking the yellow ENTRY button at the right of the page, please be sure to post it on Twitter or Instagram with the "#NEWVIEWAWARDS2022" hashtag, using the following format.
・The title of the work
・Screen capture video or image of the work
・The URL of the work (URL issued by clicking the "publish" button on STYLY)
・A description of the work (optional)

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