Long Review Awards ―"Pratthana - A Portrait of Possession"

"Pratthana" is looking forward to your review.

WED, JUN 26, 2019 - SUN, JUL 21, 2019

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre East


We are issuing a call for texts of reviews that answer the question: "In what ways does "Pratthana - Portrait of Possession" (the play or the novel titled "Silhouette of Desire" in English) tell "our story"?

We are seeking reviews of the play and original novel on which the play is based that take up the aspects of art history, performing arts history, social history, political history, etc.

The winning text(s) will be translated into Japanese and posted as (a) special feature article(s) in both English and Japanese on the website of the Japan Foundation Asia Center, for viewing by people around the world. We are eagerly waiting to read your review!

Text languages: English

Approximate length: 2,700 English words

We accept only texts that have not been published in any other medium.

We are also issuing a call for Japanese reviews. If you are interested in submitting a review in Japanese, please see here.

For everyone: submission of an outline (440 words)

Using the special submission form, register an outline of your text about 440 words long (serving as the basis for your review about 2,700 words long). Make sure to enter your name and e-mail address on the form.

- Submission period: June 26 (Wed.) - July 21 (Sun.)

Primary screening and request for text submission

Based on the registered outline texts, we will select from about five to ten people, contact each individually, and request each to write a review about 2,700 words long.

- Primary screening period: July 22 (Mon.) - 28 (Sun.)

For only those who pass the primary screening: composition of a text 2,700 words long

During this period, the people who were requested to write reviews as noted in Step 2 will compose their texts. After writing your review with a length of about 2,700 words based on the outline, submit it to the designated party. Each person who submits a full review will receive a small honorarium.

- Composition period: July 29 (Mon.) - August 18 (Sun.)

Secondary screening and notification of results

We will make a secondary screening based on the submissions of texts about 2,700 words long. The person(s) selected for an award as a result of this screening will receive a fee for the posting of his/her/their text(s) on the website. All those submitting full texts will be notified of the screening results by the end of August.

- Secondary screening period: August 19 (Mon.) - 30 (Fri.)

Posting of your text on the website after refinement!

We will set aside some time for editing to refine the winning text(s). In the The Japan Foundation Asia Center Award program, the processes of translation and proofreading are included in this period. After the completion of these processes, your text will finally be posted on the website of the Japan Foundation Asia Center in both English and Japanese as a feature article.

All full texts that were not selected for a prize may freely be published by their authors on personal blogs or other media. (The texts submitted must not have been published in any other medium, but their authors may freely publish them after the secondary screening, as they wish.)

- Editing period: September

- Website posting: beginning in early October


2018 August Bangkok Performance / Footage: Sopanat Somkhanngoen
2018 August Bangkok Performance / Footage: Sopanat Somkhanngoen

The Japanese translation of the novel on which the play is based (by Uthis Haemamool, translated by Sho Fukutomi, slated for publication by Kawade Shobo Shinsha in June).


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