Now accepting applications: trip designers for the USIO Design Project #02.

challenge to redesign “travel” on Ishigaki Island

Closed FRI, DEC 05, 2014 - TUE, JAN 13, 2015

Design a trip only possible on Ishigaki Island

The “USIO Design Project,” which rediscovers the charm of Ishigaki Island through the power of design. The second challenge is to redesign the "travel". Ishigaki Island is a beautiful tourist destination visited by one million people a year. Why do not you discover the local experience unique to this island from the outside perspective together?

The ideas adopted will be realized by applicants on Ishigaki Island.

[Notice] 2015/01/13 This application has been closed. Thank you for many applications.

What is a “travel” unique to Ishigaki Island?

Ishigaki Island, the stage of the USIO Design Project, is known for the warm climate of the southernmost islands of Japan and the rich nature, including the beautiful sea, but its unique culture and local resources that are still unknown There are many

2000km from Tokyo. If you visit the island all the way, you want an experience beyond your imagination. There must be more "this is the first time!"

Therefore, the USIO Design Project, sponsored by Ishigaki City, is looking for an ambitious “travel designer” and his “travel plan”, such as “We can find a new“ trip ”on Ishigaki Island”. Those who have never been to Ishigaki Island are of course welcome. Design a new trip to Ishigaki Island from your perspective.

The award is "Imagine a travel idea on Ishigaki Island!"

If you win a travel design, you can actually realize your travel idea. In addition, Ishigaki City Tourism and Culture Division will actively introduce it as an effort to rediscover the charm of Ishigaki Island.

What is USIO Design Project?

"USIO Design Project" is a project to rediscover the charm of Ishigaki Island through the power of design. With a focus on Ishigaki, Tokyo, and Taipei, we are taking on the challenge of creating a new form of “Region x Design” project by combining things born on the island, working people, and wisdom cultivated with the imagination of the world. In the first project (implemented in 2013), 10 specialty items were renewed.

>> USIO Design Project Official Site

Awards and benefits

Travel Designer Award 5-10 winners: Recruitment plan implemented in Ishigaki Island (locally) (planned for February to mid-March 2015)

Good Idea Award Several winners: Special gift of Ishigaki Island from USIO Design Project

The adopted plan and travel designer will be introduced on the USIO Design Project official website and, and will be actively introduced in the Ishigaki City Tourism and Culture Division as an effort to rediscover the charm of Ishigaki Island. Among the adopted itineraries, attractive and highly feasible ideas are also planned to be commercialized as Ishigaki City-approved itineraries.

About examination

In this competition, we look forward to a unique and attractive “Travel Plan” that is created from the local resources of Ishigaki Island and the chemical reaction from the applicant's unique perspective. The judges were invited to be experts in sightseeing in Ishigaki Island, as well as media professionals who cut out “Waku Waku,” a creative leader in neighboring Taiwan that is closer to Ishigaki Island than the main island of Okinawa.


Yuji Hayashi Nifty "Daily Portal Z" Webmaster

Born in Tokyo in 1971. Worked for Nifty Corporation. From the dawn of the Internet, create personal sites such as "Tokyo Toilet Map" and "I thought I would die". Daily Portal Z Webmaster since 2002. He is good at hacking daily routines such as "Include life insurance chosen by pigeons" and "Mix with the wedding party of strangers." His main editorials include the series "I Thought I Die" and "A business book that doesn't care about the world's elite, but is useful for ordinary people."

Wen-Long Chen CEO of Taiwan Design Center

He has over 25 years of experience in design work, specializing in design management and product design. After launching NOVA DESIGN CO., LTD in 1988, invested and established the Nova Design Shanghai office. Since 2006, more than 100 works have won global design awards. Advised Tobu Group "Design Today Exhibition", Executive Director of ICSID, Judge of Japan G-Mark and German iF Design Award. He is currently the Executive Director of Taiwan Design Center.

Mr. Dai Takakura Acting Director, Ishigaki City Tourism Association

Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1971. Utilizing his experience working in domestic and overseas resort hotels (New Caledonia, Indonesia, Hokkaido, Yaeyama Islands), he became a tourism association. Aim to create a tourist spot that makes you think "let's go to Ishigaki to meet that person". I moved to Ishigaki Island after my transfer and enjoyed my hobby windsurfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). In addition, he resumed kendo for the first time in a quarter century since last year, and is working hard to train for Yaeyama National Team. Father of two children.

Chiaki Hayashi, Loftwork Co., Ltd.

Born in UAE in 1971. Founded Loftwork in 2000, providing a new creative service centered on a creator network registered by 20,000 people. Loftwork projects more than 400 projects a year, including web design, business design, community design, and space design. He has authored books such as "Designing Shares", "Web Project Management Standards", and "Global Project Management".


* Judgment may not be accepted if there are any errors in the entry contents and data registration method of the entry. * If you can not upload properly, please inform * We will contact the employer by e-mail, so be sure to set an e-mail address where you can contact in advance.

Organizer: Ishigaki City Tourism and Culture Division Planning and Operation: Loftwork Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Ishigaki City Tourism Exchange Association, Daily Portal Z


Review Criteria

Support, Sponsorship


Planning and operation



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