Play with Wheeebo Contest - Looking for new ways to play along the waterside.

We are looking for new waterside play ideas inspired by Wheeebo.

Closed FRI, JUL 26, 2019 - SUN, SEP 01, 2019

We are looking for new waterside play ideas.

In its efforts to create exciting new experiences in the field of marine pleasure, Yanmar Co., Ltd. has created the new marine activity Wheeebo which is based on the concept of "It can freely be enjoyed by anyone in exciting ways."

To widely show the attractiveness and worldview of Wheeebo, we are currently looking for new waterside play ideas inspired by Wheeebo.

About Wheeebo

Wheeebo is a motor-powered marine activity shaped like a circular board of which the direction can be controlled by shifting your weight. While it is simple and intuitive to control, since a certain amount of skill is needed to remain standing on it, it offers a wide range of users an exciting new experience as an introduction to marine activities.

Learn more about Wheeebo

The goal of our contest

We are looking for applications of new waterside play ideas that make use of Wheeebo.

What comes to mind when you hear "waterside play?" Banana boats, yachts, canoes, SUP, waterbikes, etc. Wheeebo is a vehicle that will allow you to enjoy the waterside in novel ways. There is no fixed way of how to play with a Wheeebo. It gives everyone the potential to create all kinds of play using their ideas and imagination. We are looking forward to collecting inspiring ideas that will deepen the connection between people and water.

Please enter your application by filling in the idea sheet prepared by our secretariat.

Download the idea sheet.

For various hints for how to think about "play," please take a look at Pinterest boards and at collections of links for examples on how to fill in the idea sheet.

Idea hint

About the Prize(s)

  • Alexy Andre Prize (1 idea)

  • Rin Yoshimi Prize (1 idea)

  • Yuji Hayashi Prize (1 idea)

  • Risa Yamai Prize (1 idea)

  • Yanmar Co., Ltd. Special Prize (1 idea)





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