We are looking for new waterside play ideas.

In its efforts to create exciting new experiences in the field of marine pleasure, Yanmar Co., Ltd. has created the new marine activity Wheeebo which is based on the concept of "It can freely be enjoyed by anyone in exciting ways."

To widely show the attractiveness and worldview of Wheeebo, we are currently looking for new waterside play ideas inspired by Wheeebo.

About Wheeebo

Wheeebo is a motor-powered marine activity shaped like a circular board of which the direction can be controlled by shifting your weight. While it is simple and intuitive to control, since a certain amount of skill is needed to remain standing on it, it offers a wide range of users an exciting new experience as an introduction to marine activities.

Learn more about Wheeebo

The goal of our contest

We are looking for applications of new waterside play ideas that make use of Wheeebo.

What comes to mind when you hear "waterside play?" Banana boats, yachts, canoes, SUP, waterbikes, etc. Wheeebo is a vehicle that will allow you to enjoy the waterside in novel ways. There is no fixed way of how to play with a Wheeebo. It gives everyone the potential to create all kinds of play using their ideas and imagination. We are looking forward to collecting inspiring ideas that will deepen the connection between people and water.

Please enter your application by filling in the idea sheet prepared by our secretariat.

Download the idea sheet.

For various hints for how to think about "play," please take a look at Pinterest boards and at collections of links for examples on how to fill in the idea sheet.

Idea hint


Application period

July 26 - August 26


August 26

Hands-on event (Kyoto)

August 6 18:30 - 21:00 @FabCafe KYOTO

Hands-on event (Tokyo)

August 20 18:30-21:30 @FabCafe TOKYO


August 27-September 5

Announcement of the results

September 5

About the prizes

The ideas received by the secretariat will be judged by the secretariat, and the winners will be decided by from the final selection by the organizers and the advisors. The Special Organizer Prize includes a return trip to Guam and a Wheebo test-ride experience, and in addition to an assortment of Premium Marche ingredients for the advisor award, the winners will receive a special invitation to a camp on Lake Biwa on September 21, 2019.

  • Alexis Andre Prize (one person)

  • Rin Yoshimi Prize (one person)

  • Yuji Hayashi Prize (one person)

  • Risa Yamai Prize (one person)


A selection of ingredients from Premium Marche (worth 10,000 yen)

Example of products: Rice, fresh seasonal vegetables, sausages, seasonings, tote bags.

  • Special Organizer Prize

・A round-trip plane ticket to Guam for two people

* The itinerary period will be half a year from January 2020. Details will be communicated directly to the winner.

・An invitation to a Wheeebo test-ride experience in Guam.


・A round-trip plane ticket to Guam for two people

* The itinerary period will be half a year from January 2020. Details will be communicated directly to the winner.

・An invitation to a Wheeebo test-ride experience in Guam.


Alexis Andre

Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories. A Sony CSL researcher who creates "new methods of play." By utilizing the latest digital media, and searching for novel creative activities, Andre sees the creative process itself as an art form and values the interaction with the process. His central theme is the establishment of next-gen entertainment that is also suitable for the digital generation. He has a diverse range of interests, from the Open Reel Ensemble to Rhythmic Gymnastics Club at Aomori University produced by Issei Miyake, and has collaborated with many artists. He is also the developer or Sony's experiential toy platform toio.

Rin Yoshimi

Model, reporter, Shonan SUP girl

Born on February 2, 1983, she is a model from Kanagawa prefecture. Her major appearance includes Jetstar FLY&Activity, Rurubu&more, The Ministry of Internal Affairs "Furusato Working Holiday", Mitsubishi Outlander PR Planning, Hokkaido Shinkansen PR Planning, Sekisui Heim, collaborative planning at Snow Peak, and many more. Her hobbies and special skills are SUP, dinghy, marine sports, camping, outdoor activities, travel. She also works as an ambassador for Jetstar Japan and the travel web magazine "Tobiiro".

Yuji Hayashi

Writer, editor of "Daily Portal Z"

Born in 1971 in Tokyo. Worked at its communications Inc. From the dawn of the internet has created personal websites such as "Tokyo Toilet Map" and "I thought I'd die." Created "Daily Portal Z" in 2002, which has established itself as a proudly independent entertainment website with over 1.5 million monthly visitors. In addition to actively taking part in overseas events such as Ars Electronica, South by Southwest, Maker Faire, he is becoming popular within Japan with Jimi Halloween Jimi. The main writings he has edited, the "I thought I'd die" series is about "The story of a company worker who might be able to become a member of the elite in one year." His favorite food is asparagus.

Risa Yamai

Representative Director Vice President CDO of Snow Peak Inc.

Her grandfather, Yukio, founded the company and she is the third consecutive generation to run Snow Peak. From an early age, she grew up involved in outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. She founded an apparel business in the autumn/winter of 2014 and transmits through a next-gen filter "the DNA that makes things that don't exist" manufacturing Snow Peak has inherited and cultivated. While currently employed as Vice President, in addition to general product management such as the "LOCAL WEAR" project, she also takes the lead in new initiatives.

Information about the event

In order to give you a better understanding of this award, hands-on events will be held in Tokyo and Kyoto during the application period.

* Participation in the hands-on events are not required for participation in this contest.


・An event where you can hear the story about the development of Wheeebo.

・An inspiration talk by an advisor with tips that may inspire ideas.

・An idea creation workshop.

RegionDate & time 
 Application page (external website)
August 6 (Tuesday) 18:30 - 21:00FabCafe Kyoto
TokyoAugust 20 (Tuesday)   19:00 - 21:30FabCafe Tokyo


Please check the application terms before you apply. You are considered to consent to the terms and conditions upon entry. Once your application has been completed, you will receive an "application complete" email.