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Green Road : Upcycling plastic waste to pave roads

Green Road is a volunteer group campaigning the public to reduce the use of and classify plastic products, as well as to ask for donation of plastic waste from the public in order to produce upcycled materials, e.g., recycled floor blocks, roads, desks, or benches. These products are then donated to schools, temples, public parks, and public spaces, with an aim of improving people’s quality of life with their environmentally friendly lifestyles.

The first green road from upcycled plastic waste with an area of 6,000 square meters constructed from 10,270 kilograms of plastic waste. It is located in the Nopharat Thara-Phi Phi Archipelago National Park, Thailand

Upcycled plastic waste blocks for a wheelchair path to the beach for the disabled. It is made from plastic waste collected from beaches and islands by volunteer groups. It requires approximately 8.5 kilograms of plastic waste per one square meter.

Upcycled plastic products made from 100% plastic waste without adhesives, e.g., floor blocks, desks, garden benches, and garbage bins.

Green cement is a 100% upcycled waste material used to increase the stability of a Green Road and to replace conventional cement.