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BACK TO ORIGINAL : 2019 Hualien International Stone Workshop

The New Generation of Cultural Technology in Taiwan Stone Industry, combining the Development of Industry Clusters and the Transboundary Design in Technology and Material Application.

Stone is a strong yet gentle presence in and of itself and embodies boundless possibilities. By discovering and linking the emotional elements of materials and crafts, designers are able to bring out multiple sides of products that display the true nature of stones and bring characters that make designs last through time.
As a supporter of Taiwan’s stone industry clusters, the 2019 Hualien International Stone Workshop returns to the industry clusters’ sustainability, displaying the values of design and the stone industry. While the aim is to search for business opportunities from cultural, innovative, and transboundary perspectives, the local industry clusters’ strengths and development are also the main features.
“Back to Original” has been set as the start and end vision of the 2019 Hualien International Stone Workshop by the curator team HEY SHENG, discovering more diverse sides of stone materials by bringing emotions and warmth to crafts and designs. Putting spotlights on innovative design that focuses on micro-production. HEY SHENG organized the 4+1 steps process, exhibits designers’ abilities to generate new ideas and produce all on their own by taking inspiration from various cultures and collaborating with industry clusters to develop technology (including six stone enterprises and eight cooperation manufacturers.) for regional crafts and material application.
As innovations increase products’ creative values, the event serves as a platform to seek collaboration across different fields as well as the chance for new businesses, which will lead to flourishing development in local industry clusters and wider market connections. A new cultural and technological generation for the Taiwan stone industry.
This project has been hosted annually by the Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center administrative organization since 2016. Each year different design studios is taking responsibility to plan and execute the project.
In 2019, we (HEY SHENG Creative Inc.) executed the project, and the main curator Vii CHEN, and collaborators included CAM Yang and JoAnne CHEN.“