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Touch Silicone Watch

Traditional watch features are removed – numeral indices, watch hands, and protruding lugs – leaving a blank canvas. The crown is relocated to the underside of the watch, giving the watch the perfect circular silhouette.An architecturally inspired sculptural piece is then carved out to form the watch face that rotates with time.
The case is round to enhance elegance while maintaining structural integrity. Excess bulk is carved from the bottom of the watch, forming an elegant connection between the case and the wrist strap.
Minimalist watches design with a unique texture of dial. This classic simple gent's wrist watch will be greatly suitable for any occasion.
Perfect watches for all kind of business, casual, indoor activities or daily use .
By touching it, users can better perceive the existence of time, more intuitive than seeing, better remind young people to pay more attention to time and can meet the visually impaired groups, making it more widely used in place.
In today’s world, we are exposed to far too many distractions. This manifests in many of the superfluous features found in today’s watches. Particularly with ‘smart’ watches. These features often pull us away from whats most important to us. Distracting us from truly appreciating and enjoying the present moment. As a reminder to stay in the present moment. Touch Silicone Watch omits the superfluous and shows just enough to tell the time.
Touch Silicone Watch reimagines the traditional analog watch with minimalist principles, and questions what is absolutely necessary to tell the time.
Coming up with an idea of a watch design that's original, interesting and different was challenging.
The challenge comes with the stainless steel casing. Firstly, there is an invisible lug that is to attach the strap. Secondly, the case must be thick enough to hold the double-layer dial fully inside.It required a lot of attention to details and research about the characteristics of the materials.