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バリアフリー木琴歩道プロジェクト Xylophone Walkway Project


The visually impaired guidance blocks that are widely used today have a risk of jumping out onto the roadway if a visually impaired person loses tracking the block. There is a strong desire to develop a sidewalk guidance system that can compensate for these weaknesses and enable visually impaired people to walk more safely.
We have focused on the use of Japanese cedar boards, which have clearly different acoustic characteristics from asphalt and concrete and are easy to procure as paving materials for sidewalks.
We have been developing a system that allows visually impaired people to easily recognize that they are on the sidewalk by hitting a wooden sidewalk that sounds like a xylophone with a white cane. Cedar board pavement also gets good reviews from wheelchair users.
Based on the accumulation of experiments and findings, we are now working hard to implement Xylophone Walkways that are safe for visually impaired people and are also friendly to the environment and scenery.