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Craft Art / Sound / Sculpture
What did you create?
I created a kinetic sound sculpture resembling an egg. The cycle of life, reflected in the shape of the sculpture with neither beginning nor end, symbolizes fertility and reproduction. Driven by real-time data generated by the Worldometer, an online algorithm counting the world’s population in real-time, the sculpture constantly changes its shape.

Why did you make it?
To question the impact of overpopulation on our planet

How did you make it?
The data produced by the Worldometer counters recording births and deaths are converted into bass frequencies. These frequencies are pitched below what is audibly perceptible by human beings, infrasound. They are too low to be heard but powerful enough to drive the subwoofer to produce movements, air pressure and sound vibrations to interact with the flexible membrane of the structure. This creates unpredictable patterns that continuously reshape the sculpture.
The EGG is made out of natural rubber, a high-tech latex material produced from tree bark.

Your entry’s specifications (weight, scale and structure etc.)
150 x 75 cm x 25 kg, the egg is a foldable sculpture.