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1.What can you do with "AWRD"?

"AWRD (AWARD)" is an open platform which connects each person's ideas with projects around the world. Anyone can organize awards, hackathons etc., and it is also possible to apply for a variety of projects that AWRD carries out.

My AWRD editor offers a free plan that you can test for free and a Pro plan with a subscription that allows you to freely edit various contents to conveniently manage open-call projects.

The Enterprise plan provides all types of support from project planning to the assignment of judges and general administration.

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2.Can anyone use "AWRD"?

Yes. As long as you register for an account (free of charge), anyone is able to use it.

When utilizing "My AWRD editor", user registration for organizers is necessary.

3.Will there be any fees incurred to use "AWRD"?

System usage for application and registration of submissions, general voting and follow-up of events is free of charge.

*There are cases whereby the organizer may separately collect participation fees from participants.

For organizers who utilize My AWRD editor, although some functions are free of charge, fees will be incurred depending on the usage of the plans.

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4.What type of users register and use "AWRD"?

Creators of various genres such as designers, illustrators, filmmakers, artists, researchers etc., are registered with AWRD. Furthermore, it is possible to connect with the international client network of Loftwork Inc. which is the operator of AWRD.

Various companies utilize it as organizers for open-call projects.

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5.What is the award?

As you might know, it is a project that invites a wide range of products and ideas based on a theme which will be judged by an expert; honors will be awarded for excellent submissions. In recent times, the promotion of innovation along with an engine in the form of a theme at its core has led to many cases of businesses being obtained. As a method for "open innovation", it can capture attention.

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6.What is the hackathon?

It is a project whereby creators, engineers and technicians etc., contribute their time to a given theme via their skills and ideas and work together to produce results. In a short amount of time, polish up, reduce gaps and aim to produce feasible output that will stimulate creation. Also, it is also a place whereby new encounters and connections are born.

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7.What is the challenge?

A project that has more companies, organizations, and creators participate in themes such as business, innovation and social issues that can be used to solve issues and acquire ideas for new businesses. Methods like awards and hackathons are often used.

8.What is the pitch?

It is an event in which speakers give presentations within a short time frame of one to five minutes. For example, by hosting a pitch for the investors and companies seeking out new businesses, they can connect with capital support and business tie-up. On the other hand, it can lead to “I want to change this” or “I tried to make something like this” at schools, clubs and offices etc.,.The pitch format is an effective method for presenting ideas easily.

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9.What should I do if I would like to understand more on how to use “AWRD”?

As the account registration and application is simple, please try it out! Please try out the free plan for “My AWRD editor” first.

Users who have an interest in organizing open-call projects, please refer to these resources before usage. →

About usage plans for AWRD's organizer function, "My AWRD editor" →

Should you have any questions, it is possible to contact us directly. Please feel free to contact us.

10.What are the supported browsers?

The following browsers are recommended for the safe and pleasant usage of AWRD.

PC: Windows7 + InternetExplorer 11・ GoogleChrome (windows7 70.0.3538.110(Official Build) (64 bit))、 Firefox (62.0.3 (64 bit))

Windows10 +Edge (42.17134.1.0)、 GoogleChrome (71.0.3578.98(Official Build) (64 bit))、 Firefox (64.0 (64 bit) )

MacOS + GoogleChrome (71.0.3578.98)、 Safari (12.0.2 (13606.

SP: iPhone 6s / Safari (12.0)

Galaxy S6/Android 6.0.1 + GoogleChrome 「Chrome 71.0.3578.99」

11.Whom can I contact?

Please feel free to get in touch with the following contact details should you have any difficulties or any questions. <Zendesk URL>

Operating hours: Morning 10:00am - evening 07:00pm (excluding weekends and public holidays)

*Inquiries may take some time based on the contents.