3 points for a successful pitch event

FRI, JUL 19, 2019


What is a pitch event?

A pitch event is where speakers are allowed just 1-5 minutes to give their presentations. For example, by presenting in front of investors or corporations who are looking for new business opportunities, one can receive funding support or become tied into a business partnership. On the other hand, the pitching method can also be effective for announcing more lighthearted ideas, such as "I would like to change this part" or "I would like to try and make this" at places like a school, club, or office.

What is the appeal of pitch events?

By limiting the amount of time for each presentation, pitch events can be used to take clear messages from many different speakers.

For the audience, who want to see new ideas and meet new people, pitch events allow their desire to meet many different speakers at once to become a reality. Speakers can also come into contact with many different ideas, receive motivation and encouragement, and gain hints that can help them with their own businesses.

The following people use pitch events

・Those who would like to create a new business, such as investors, or new managers of corporations, etc. 

・Those who would like to quickly gather ideas within a team, such as a community or co-working space manager, etc. 

・Those who would like to announce and share their output and results so far, and connect this with the next step up in their operations, such as schools, or clubs, etc.

How can you organize a fruitful event while becoming more familiar with the already mentioned pitch event techniques? We will now tell you concrete methods to create one as well as some points about the process.

Point1:Design a venue layout which is easy to give presentations in
Point2:Make preliminary arrangements so that the event can run nonstop
Point3:Take in the audience's reactions

Point 1: Design a venue layout which is easy to give presentations in

The location and space that you will host your pitch event in is very important. The speakers' motivation will change depending on the atmosphere of the room. It goes without saying that you need to think about whether there is enough room, and whether there are or are not any problems with accessing the event. However, for a successful event you must consider all details when it comes to planning your venue, this includes facilities such as whether Wi-Fi can be used, if a microphone can be used, and if loud noises can be used without any problems.

Point 2: Make preliminary arrangements so that the event can run nonstop

The key to the event's success will be whether it can run smoothly on the day with limited time.

Time loss due to things like the connection towards the monitor not working well when the floor is given to the next speaker can disrupt the air of the room, and can become the cause for the listening motivation of the audience to decrease.

Prepare the event's arrangements with scrupulous care so that it can run nonstop. Collect the presentations' materials as data onto a shareable cloud storage beforehand. From there, connect it to the monitor and perform rehearsals with the speakers and equipment connection tests beforehand.

Point 3: Take in the audience's reactions

The secret to livening up a room involves checking the room, and actively collecting the comments and questions the audience has about the announced ideas.

There are tools to collect comments, but because the event will be held at a real location with real people you can do things like distribute forms, or use notes, slips, etc. Or, during the event, you can take videos or record photos and use them as data when you take a look back at presentations.

<Model Schedule>

A direct memo for the pitch event's manager

In the short space of time they are given, using presentations as different as night and day, the speakers will also be fighting their own serious battle. There are many points that organizers must consider in order to try and lower the amount of stress that comes with actually presenting.

We will now introduce to you the things you should bear in mind at a pitch event.

<Things to Keep in Mind>
・Clearly inform the participants beforehand what form their presentations should take.
 (Examples: Presentation time, font size that will be easy to see, possible products that cannot be brought in for demonstrations, etc.)
・Create time for speaker rehearsals, and try to set it up like the event is actually happening on that day.

Using these kinds of points as a reference, try and design an event that will bring out the absolute best in the speakers.

(Iron Island Festival 2018   Iron Island Idea Jamboree Director, Art Mediator Nanana Kanmuri)

About Iron Island Idea Jamboree

Using the Keihinjima ironworks in Ōta, Tokyo, which is known for hosting 'The spirit of craftsmanship,' as its stage, this event creates the next era of expression from the co-creations of craftsmen, artists, and creators.  

Roughly 10 groups of participants presented each of their ideas using the pitch format. The chosen ideas will be produced over roughly a year and their works are to be announced at the next Iron island Festival which is planned to be held on November 3, 2019.

Tekkojima Idea Jamboree

関連イベント:Tekkojima Festival

What is 'AWRD', the service that is perfect for hosting pitch events?

Directing events can be quite difficult, there are so many things you have to think about after all. When you want to hold an event, you should definitely use the 'AWRD' (Award) service. With peace of mind, you can trust 'AWRD' to design an appropriate event and manage the executive offices involved.

Using the various 'open innovation' project management results that the management company Loftwork holds, with, of course, the various secrets that we have already explained as the foundation, we will realize your custom-made hackathon to meet your needs and lead you to results.   

How to use it at a pitch event

You can use data even if that data is used for presentation announcements

On the AWRD application page, you can use presentation materials just as they are. There is no need to download the PowerPoint data to your computer each time, and so you can prevent any valuable time loss during your event.  

● Recruitment periods are free for up to a maximum of three days!

The free plan with ¥0 usage fees. You can use the AWRD platform to gather ideas carefree with a recruitment period from one day up to a maximum of three days. First, try out our AWRD function from FREE plan. (This service is planned to start in October 2019)

● A smooth experience with our agreement template

The creation of a usage agreement is important if you want your event to run without any trouble. At AWRD, we have prepared a usage agreement template. Please use it and modify any necessary parts so that it will fit with your event management. (This service is planned to start in October 2019)

Other services

・You can view works per team by using the AWRD application entry screen
・If a judges meeting is held during the announcements, then you can judge online in real time  

・It is possible to conduct a general vote online by using the general vote function (VOTE Function).

With AWRD, pitch event application website system production and maintenance management is simple

Recruitment notices and application acceptances, work management, online judging, and even result announcements can be completed using one online system. There is no need to create a website from scratch. You can open this system to applicants and judges who can participate from anywhere in the world in as little as one day’s time. There is no need for large sums of money for monthly server usage fees. We keep the costs slim.

You can also use the AWRD ‘PRO Plan,’ system-use only service for roughly ¥150,000 per month.

How was that? There are various secrets to holding a pitch event. Please use the secrets that we have just introduced as references.

In addition, AWRD also conducts support for holding award competitions.

Example introductions are here

*You will be taken to AWRD’s management company, Loftwork Inc.

Through various events, AWRD supports the birth of new values as a platform that creates empathy and co-creation!  

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