Make it Yourself Project

The enjoyment of making benefits everyone

Make it Yourself, a project series which undertakes open and creative experimentation and implementation with"Make DIY more exciting" as a theme.

Through the likes of real events and online awards, creative people and manufacturers meet each other and evolve with unexpected results.

Someone's passion for "making" connects to someone else's "wanting to make."

This creates a spiral of happy craftsmanship.

Expand various "want to make" fantasies with a view to the future

Making things by hand is interesting because of factors including the process, the limitations, and the environment. When you try making something yourself, it results in many discoveries and questions, from which your curiosity expands even further. As a place for those ideas and accomplishments, MiY designs an approach which utilizes various media including awards, workshops, and exhibitions.

FabCafe, a digital craftsmanship cafe with networks in countries all over the world, and, a platform for expanding creative activities, together with creators and businesses, will organize MiY. Creators can meet through real events and online awards, and evolve with unexpected results.