Risographs create unlimited possibilities for ink colors and paper layers. It makes prints with the feel of a risograph even though it's a machine, and artists and designers around the world are developing their own original print techniques in their small Riso studios. This time around, primarily in Japan but also in Taiwan, South Korea, and other countries, members around the world who love Risographs will search out those possibilities, share their know-how and progress their creation process ever further. Their completed works will be published online, with plans to publish a zine afterwards.

A local and global makerthon will be broadcast from Tokyo's Fudomae for the Risograph print machine, which is quietly stoking a boom in small Riso studios around the world.


RISO Lovers MAKEATHON vol.01 [Illustration] 

 2018 MAY 5th sun - May 25th fri

RISO Lover MAKEATHON vol.2 [Zine] 

2018 around Jun-July 

RISO Lover MAKEATHON vol.3 [Photograph]  

2018 July 7th sun - August 4th sat

Entry Lecture

A lecture for obtaining basic knowledge and printing experience will be held for Risograph beginners and for those who want to learn the basics at the 1st "Illustration" MAKEATHON.

● How to Apply
Provide your name, the industry you work in, your e-mail address, a URL to your work if you have a website, and your experience with Risographs in an e-mail addressed to info@handsawpress.com. Applications will be closed once maximum capacity has been reached.

● Lecturer Profile

Akinobu Oda(map / HandSawPress)

Began his career has a freelance write/editor for a music magazine. Later publishes the indie magazine (Sweet Dreams) with Norio Fukuda, operates the "compare notes" record label that produced artists such as Kazumi Nikaido and Shugo Tokumaru, and invites foreign artists to Japan. In December 2007, opens the meat and fish-free vegetarian restaurant "Nagi Shokudo". In 2016, he opens a second location in Musashi-Koyama. In February 2018, he opens the open DIY Risograph studio "HandSawPress". He also has credits for writing "Nagi Shokudo's Vegetable Recipes" and "Vegetable Kakuuchi Nagi Shokudo's Veggie Snacks".

Eunice Luk(Slow Editions)

A Canadian artist. Using a variety media and techniques, he transforms the thing around him into his own words. His works have been exhibited at VACANT (Tokyo), UTRECHT (Tokyo), Printed Matter (New York), Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff), Art Metropole (Toronto), and other locations. Has regular exhibitions at art book fairs in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo via his publishing label Slow Editions.

What is a Risograph?

A Risograph is a digital duplicator developed by Japan's Riso Kagaku Corporation. It's a simple printing machine that opens holes in thin sheets of paper called "masters" into which the ink flows. It prints much more rapidly than the typical copier used in printing work, but the ink can blur, bleed, and distort, which is conversely very useful for silk screening and typographic printing, as it brings about a unique texture and flavor. This was found to be an appealing characteristic in it's own right, and as a result Risograph's are being used as a "method" for creating works of art and book production in design studios in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. However, here in Japan, the home of the Risograph, there are not many Riso studios for art production to be found. Hand Saw Press is hoping to link up with that global flow and create art with people who see the appeal of this machine.

What is HandSawPress?

HandSawPress is a open DIY Risograph studio located in Tokyo's Fudomae. Architect & Jerk Chicken House "Amarabu" owner Shinsuke Kanno, interior designer at "Design Mujika" Ryoko Ando, and vegan restaurant "Nagi Shokudo" owner Akinobu Oda are the three members. Of course Risograph printing is done, but so is paper and print-based art creation, magazine/flyer/poster production, and woodwork, among other DIY productions and the occasional event.