crQlr Awards, The future is circular, just like our awards.

The crQlr Awards is a global awards for designing the circular economy.

Results WED, AUG 04, 2021 - FRI, OCT 22, 2021

crQlr Awards, The future is circular, just like our awards. Entry Agreement

*By submitting an entry to this award, entrants are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1. About Submissions

1-1. Submission requirements

crQlr Awards is category-free award. All works are acceptable for submission, whether they fall under the category of business plan, product, architecture, art, performance, and/or up and coming projects. If the work is in it’s draft or prototypal stage, we will base our evaluation on the way it has been attempted and it’s future potential.

1-2. Entry period

Wednesday, August 4 2021, 12:00 pm (Japan time) - Friday, October 15 2021, 12:00 pm (Japan time)

N.B. Please make sure to check the time difference if you do not live in Japan.

1-3. Entrants

Anyone can apply regardless of nationality or age. Entry is open to the public whether it be individuals, groups, and or companies.

1-4. Cost of entry

Submitting an entry is free of charge.

1-5. How to enter

Entries for the awards should be submitted online using AWRD (“Award”) at, a creators’ portal site run by Loftwork Inc. Entrants will need to create their own AWRD user account (free of charge) to submit their entry. Please prepare the entry requirements listed in 3-1, and submit your entry.

Crqlr AWARD will accept applications written in languages other than English. However, please be aware that the judgment will be made in English so we recommend that there be an English explanation along with the submitted language. Any applications that are not in English will be translated using a free online translation tool for the judges to review.

2. About the Copyright

Copyright of the submitted works belong to the entrant. However, the entrant shall permit FabCafe, Loftwork Inc., and/or Harch Inc. to reproduce, modify and/or exhibit their works for marketing purposes without prior consent of the entrant.

3. About the Submissions and Displaying

3-1. Submissions

Submissions must meet the following requirements:

(1) Images of the project and idea
  • One main image *Required
  • Up to 3 sub images *Optional
    ※Accepted image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG
    ※Recommended image size is around 10MB
(2) Video introducing your submission (no more than 5 minutes) *Optional

We recommend entrants submit a video introducing your works.

Be sure to keep the video open to the public. Please send us the password with the link through the contact form if there is a reason you can not make it public.

(3) Brief description of the submitted work

Concept and explanation of the project/idea

  • What is the challenge your work is tackling?
  • Who is this work intended to help?
    (Maximum length of the brief description is within 200 words or 400 characters. Applications may be submitted in your language however they must also be submitted in English as Judges will be evaluating your work in English. )
(4) Detailed explanation of the submitted work

Please provide any additional explanation to your brief description including the story of how the project was born, how the work has been received, what impact the work has had and is predicted to have, etc. (no character limit)

(5) Keywords

Please enter up to three keywords that you would like to add to the project. #Food #Material #Economy etc.

(6) Profile

Please tell us about yourself and/or your organization.

4. Publication of submitted projects and idea photos

The main image of the submitted project/idea will be published on AWRD and on the project-specific website as appropriate.

5. Entry Considerations

5-1. Prohibitions

  • Submissions that are deemed fraudulent are prohibited.
  • Submissions must be created and completed independently. When using materials from a third party in the submission (photos, art, fonts, etc.), the entrant must seek permission to use those materials from the copyright holder(s). In the event that the entrant uses materials that infringes third-party copyrights, the submission will be excluded from the competition as soon as the infringement has been confirmed. Furthermore, the organizers and Loftwork Inc. will not be held liable in the event a third party claims right, infringements or damages against an entrant or the organizers.
  • Please be aware that while applicants maintain all copyrights to their submitted works, applicants do not have rights with regard to any works that may be based on a same or similar concept to the work being submitted by the applicant. Please take this into account when you apply.
  • Any actions that violate Japanese or international law are prohibited. Actions that cause physical or mental harm to a third party, actions that cause defamation to a third party, and actions that infringe on any rights of a third party are also prohibited. Furthermore, any and all actions that disrupt public order are prohibited.

5-2. Disclaimer

  • Works that do not follow the requirements and submission rules laid out in the Entry Kit will not be eligible for examination.
  • It is possible that no submissions are selected for awards if submissions are not deemed appropriate.
  • We will not respond to inquiries from applicants regarding the selection processes or results.

5-3. Personal Information

Personal information will only be used to contact the entrant in relation to the judging or as required in the execution of the awards. Personal information will not be disclosed or shared with third parties without the prior permission of the individuals themselves, except in cases where operations require personal information to be disclosed or entrusted to a subcontractor in the course of the project operations.


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