crQlr Awards, The future is circular, just like our awards.

The crQlr Awards is a global awards for designing the circular economy.

Results WED, AUG 04, 2021 - FRI, OCT 22, 2021

Submission period

August 4, 2021 (Wed) - October 22, 2021 (Fri)


Anyone can apply regardless of nationality, age, or gender. Entry is open to the public and can include individuals, groups, municipalities, startups and/or established companies. Working professionals as well as students are welcome to apply.

Cost of entry


How to enter

Entries for the awards should be submitted online using AWRD (“Award”) at, a creators’ platform run by Loftwork Inc. Entrants will need to create their own AWRD user account (free of charge) to submit their entry.

* If you have multiple projects, you can submit each one.

All submissions will be open to the public online. Please be careful not to post any confidential information.

About Entries

(1) Brief description of the submitted work

Concept and explanation of the project/idea

  • What is the challenge your work is tackling?
  • Who is this work intended to help?

(Maximum length of the brief description is within 200 words or 400 characters. Applications may be submitted in your language however they must also be submitted in English as Judges will be evaluating your work in English. )

(2) Images of the project and idea
  • One main image *Required
  • Up to 3 sub images *Optional
    ※Images that show usage scene of the project or service.
    ※Accepted image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG
    ※Recommended total image file size is approximately 10MB
(3) URL of a video introducing the work (under 5 minutes) *Optional

We highly recommend entrants submit a video introducing the work.

Please be sure to make sure the video is open to the public. If there is a reason you can not make the public, please send us the password with the a link through the contact form.

(4) Detailed explanation of the submitted work

Please provide any additional explanation to your brief description including the story of how the project was born, how the work has been received, what impact the work has had and is predicted to have, etc. (no character limit)

(5) Keywords

Please enter up to three keywords that you would like to add to the project. #Food #Material #Economy etc.

(6) Profile

Please tell us about yourself and/or your organization.

Selection Criteria

  • Does the work provide solutions to the challenges faced by society and business for activating a circular economy?
  • Does it have an overall positive and measurable impact on the environment?
  • Are the works creative? Do they show an insightful understanding of circular economy or novel collaborative relationships?


  • Five projects will be selected by each of the 18 Judges. We anticipate that 50 to 100 projects will receive their own personal Prize and recognition.

Who should apply

  • Companies, organizations, and local governments that are implementing or would like to implement the circular economy
  • Startups and designers who are working on circular projects and products


  • For each winning entry, the judges will give an evaluation on the points they found insightful about the work. These comments will be posted on Loftwork and FabCafe materials. (These comments will be considered as Creative Commons.)
  • Presentation of awards (PDF certificates)
  • Introduction on the Loftwork, FabCafe website and Social Media
  • Potential to be invited to the crQlr Summit to present and receive live feedback from judges


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