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Results WED, AUG 04, 2021 - FRI, OCT 22, 2021

We would like to introduce the work "Aquaponics" which is used as the main visual.


Creator :

Yuzuki Kunitaka

Description :

This work represents the natural cycle that would have existed in this place in the past.

When it rains, the rainwater nourishes the plants and animals in the mountains, flows into rivers, and then reaches the sea. Eventually, the rainwater turns into clouds and rains again, giving blessings to life. This work is a condensed version of the earth's eco-system, the way this cycle has been repeated over and over again

In order to visualize the circulation system in a more understandable way, we adopted a system called aquaponics. Microorganisms decompose water containing organic matter such as fish excrement to produce nutrients, which are then used to grow vegetables and plants. For this project, we used a large variety of fish and beautifully colored edible flowers so that both children and adults can enjoy looking at them.

Concept :

The conceptual theme is "Satoyama," the original landscape of Japan.

I have felt that in urban spaces, there are fewer places than in the past where we can get a glimpse of the natural cycle and its providence. I thought that "Small Earth," standing in the middle of a city that is being developed without even realizing it, could be a place where people could feel at comfort.

I wondered what people would feel and what kind of behavior they would change by looking directly at the condensed ecosystem. It may not be as long as this planet has been around, but it is a grand social experiment from a long-term perspective.

For more information about the work

Please visit the Panasonic Center Tokyo AkeruE website for more details and related information.

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