Open call for projects and ideas that drive the circular economy forward!

The crQlr Awards are a global movement to celebrate initiatives in the circular economy.

Results TUE, SEP 19, 2023 - MON, NOV 13, 2023

Announcing the 28 Winners of the 2023 crQlr Awards

Loftwork Inc. and creative community hub FabCafe Global have announced the 28 winning projects of the 2023 crQlr Awards (“Circular” Awards), a global annual award that gathers projects and ideas that seek to design a circular economy.

The crQlr Awards values are based on three guiding principles: “Circular, not linear,” “Action, not prestige” and “Gain from global perspectives.” With these values at the forefront, the awards aim to gather a wide range of circular projects, including up-and-coming ideas, activities, and artworks to large-scale initiatives working towards realizing a circular economy.

Submissions were evaluated based on the three PPP (for people, for planet, for profit) criteria. The first criterion is, for people; is the work creative, and does it show an insightful understanding of the circular economy or novel collaborative relationships? The second is for planet; does it have an overall positive and measurable impact on the environment? The third is for profit; does the work provide solutions to the challenges faced by society and businesses for activating a circular economy? Submissions were carefully assessed based on these criteria alongside the individual perspectives of the judges, resulting in a comprehensive evaluation. The selected projects will be celebrated as initiatives that can inspire people on a global scale and will be supported to continue their activities and work towards realizing a circular economy.

Expanding globally with each edition, the crQlr Awards’ third edition in 2023 attracted 140 submissions from a record-breaking 43 countries.

crQlr Awards 2023 Winners
crQlr Awards 2023 Winning Projects



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