Open call for projects and ideas that drive the circular economy forward!

The crQlr Awards are a global movement to celebrate initiatives in the circular economy.

Results TUE, SEP 19, 2023 - MON, NOV 13, 2023

crQlr Awards Past Winners


New bio-materials, upcycled materials and processing technologies that disrupt the linear economy. Thoughtful products and services that make use of innovative materials. Activities which leverage sustainable materials in a clever way.

Impossible Materials, crQlr Awards 2022 Winner
Co-Obradoiro Galego, crQlr Awards 2021 Winner
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Products & Services

Products, apps, experience design, DX, and services that provide new value for a circular economy. Designs which make us think, “This should have been here all along!”

nornnorn - Circular economy-based mattress subscription platform, crQlr Awards 2021 Winner
botanical light, crQlr Awards 2021 Winner
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Art projects with measurable and immeasurable impact. From large-scale initiatives to individual works of art. Bio-art, speculative art, works that give us hope and incite an emotional response while impacting society, education, economy, and manufacturing industries.

AIRBUBBLE, crQlr Awards 2022 Winner
Another Moon, crQlr Awards 2022 Winner
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Educational initiatives applying circular economy principles: fostering sustainable practices and resource efficiency in learning environments.

Casa Gallina, crQlr Awards 2022 Winner
INOW: Transformative Experiences To Return Back to Our Roots, crQlr Awards 2021 Winner)
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City plans embracing circular economy: innovative projects recycling resources, minimizing waste, and fostering sustainable, interconnected urban ecosystems. Cities and towns that have developed ESG and are committed to change with measurable, sustainable goals.

Green Road : Upcycling plastic waste to pave roads, crQlr Awards 2021 Winner
Taisugar Circular Village, crQlr Awards 2022 Winner
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Positively disruptive systems, supply chain management interventions, business strategies, modular systems, and other inspiring system-focused projects

GURUGURU Radish, crQlr Awards 2022 Winner
Right, Diaper Cycle, crQlr Awards 2021 Winner
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