Let's take a trip to Ishigakijima by a design

Closed TUE, OCT 22, 2013 - MON, DEC 09, 2013

Ishigaki Island is the epitome of exotic, and with a hint of nostalgia, it exhibits its own mystical charm. It’s surrounded by stunning coral reefs and green mountains, is home to many charming locals, and offers captivating music and delicious local delights. Come and discover the hidden secrets of Ishigaki Island! An adventure through design is about to begin!

USIO Design Project calls for redesign ideas for 10 local specialty products from Ishigaki Island. The designs should fully communicate the products’ allures and leverage the stories behind these Ishigaki-made items, the island’s people and their local-grown knowledge.The winners of the selected designs will be invited to Ishigaki Island to meet with the local manufacturers and discuss with them about how their designs will be commercialized and go on sale as new Ishigaki Island specialty products.

About USIO Design Project

"USIO Design Project" is a project to rediscover the charm of Ishigaki Island through the power of design. The aim is for people to come and go like the tide of the sea and create rich intersections like the tide. Focusing on the three bases of Ishigaki, Tokyo, and Taipei, we will combine the things born on the island, the people who work, the wisdom that is brought up with the imagination of designers around the world.

Knowing the area, touching on specialties, sharing ideas, repeating dialogues, and concluding stories that will lead to tomorrow. We will take on such a new form of "region x design" project. >> Learn more

What kind of place is Ishigaki Island?

Ishigaki Island is the gateway to the Yaeyama Island Group situated in the southernmost tip of Japan. For centuries, it’s been home to a unique local culture that stems from a blend of the Ryukyu, Japanese and Taiwanese cultures. The allures of the island, which is frequented by many tourists, shine all the more brightly thanks to the island’s unique diversity.
>>About Ishigaki, its history and climate

USIO Design Project Outline of Design Application

Application period

From October 22, 2013 (Tuesday) to December 9, 2013 (Monday)

Redesign object

Sweets, crafts, alcoholic beverages, such as agricultural and marine products, Ishigaki local products 10 items were taking advantage of the features of the View >> details

Recruitment benefits:

・ The adopted design will be released from April 2014. -The adopted design will be introduced on the USIO Design Project official website and after the commercialization has been decided, and will be actively promoted as a new local brand product inside and outside Ishigaki city.

Recruitment benefits and prizes:

1. If the design is adopted, invite the applicant to a visit to Ishigaki Island (3 days and 2 nights). (Scheduled to be held from early January to the end of January 2014) * 2. Some items redesigned by your own design 3. Special product set of Ishigaki Island

* If an overseas resident is hired, the organizer will bear the maximum amount (equivalent to domestic travel expenses).


Anyone can participate. * To apply, you need to register for a account (annual fee and usage fee completely free)

About examination

Judging Criteria:-Design that gives the viewer freshness and surprise-Design that is organic and somewhat simplistic "Ishigaki-like"-Design that can be a long-selling product and "Sellable"


Chen Wen-Long, Taiwan Design Center



Masamichi Toyama Representative Director of Smiles Co., Ltd.


Katsumoto Atsuko Toshima Keizai Shimbun, President



Chiaki Hayashi Representative Director of Loftwork Inc.



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Remarks * If the input contents of the entry and the data registration method are inadequate, they may not be judged. * If you can not upload properly, please inform * We will contact the employer by e-mail, so be sure to set an e-mail address where you can contact in advance.

Organizer: Ishigaki City Tourism and Culture Division Planning and Operation: Loftwork Co., Ltd.

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A new form of "region x design" project where the richness resides at the intersection where different cultures meet

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