Report:The People I Met at the Awards -- Shirakane 5-chome Award Judges Committee Report and Message to the Entrants! /KIGI (Ryousuke Uehara/ Yoshie Watanabe) Etsuko Sonobe, Rika Fukuda

MON, JUN 11, 2018


In the currently ongoing Shirokane 5-Chome Award Series, submissions for the 1st Round Jewelry & Crafts Division came to an end the other day, and the 2nd Round Food Division has begun accepting submissions. The award, which will finish with a 3rd Round Art Division, is a project that seeks out undiscovered artists to create never before seen works of art, which will be exhibited and sold at Our Favorite Shop (OFS). 


This year, Shinohara of the Award's editorial department has joined the judge's panel for what's sure to be a Round 1 to remember for the Jewelry & Crafts Division. We'll be reporting on that, while bringing you messages from the judges to everyone as the Award draws closer!

The judges watch a concept movie. (From the right: Ryousuke Uehara (KIGI), Yoshie Watanabe (KIGI), Etsuko Sonobe (Jewelry Maker), Mirai Terada (OFS))

More than 115 high quality works. We encountered works which far exceeded our expectations. (KIGI Watanabe)

As many as 115 high quality pieces were gathered for this memorable 1st round of the Award.


"Amazing, I wonder how they made this" (Yoshie Watanabe/ KIGI) "A very well thought out design, it would look good even on a guy." (Ryousuke Uehara / KIGI) "They've thought of even the fine details, haven't they?" (Etsuko Sonobe / Jewelry Maker) 


The judges toured the venue, carefully looking over each of the finalist's pieces one by one.

The judges carefully examine the pieces one by one.
Taking into account important points such as the balance of the pieces when worn, they closely study the details and presentation sheets.

I also had a chance to sit in on the judging, but watching the way the judges themselves approached the pieces is always wonderfully inspiring. The men and women of the panel stand facing the works they judge for long moments, considering both the background and the future of a piece, and carefully examining even the parts that aren't visible. The seem to have an almost mysterious aura, as if their sight can pierce through to the unseen.

Perhaps that's just the result of the intensity and sincerity with which they confront each piece. Even now, I can't help feeling quietly moved and deeply thankful that I had the opportunity to be present for such important moments.

Carried away by that sentiment, the two hour judging session flew by in what seemed like an instant.

Now then, I suppose you're curious about which works were ultimately chosen...

The details will be published in the Shirokane 5-Chome Award in late June. I hope you're looking forward to it!

For details on the announcement of results, exhibition, and sale please see:


※The announcement of the results is planned for late June.

Following the theme of ‘‘What a Store Should Be,’’ we think it'll be fun to see what new and interesting pieces get made.

After the judging, the manager of [[[OUR FAVOURITE SHOP ]]], Terada, spoke to us about the kinds of people he wanted to meet through this Award, and the memories that OFS treasures.


Mirai Terada (OFS):

We began hosting the Award just as OFS was approaching its 4th year, and our desire to meet a greater variety of people was starting to grow.

I thought that just the act of considering a variety of pieces, with no boundaries on genre, would lead to all kinds of inspiration, and that it would be fun and sustaining for us as a store as well.

 OFS was created as a place for us to express ourselves, and to show off our worldview. Everyone's put their heart into it, trying and failing and trying again. 

A store is... well, it can make it difficult to work with things that aren't complete products, and for OFS we thought about how a store ought to be, and followed that theme, and thought it would be fun if we could all put our ideas together and come up with some truly new and interesting things. I guess it's a strange way to put it, but you could say we've got a lot of entry points.

 The 'OUR' in OUR FAVORITE SHOP is our way of saying that we want this to be a favorite place for everyone we work with.

I'd love it if people who feel the same way would knock on the door provided by the .Shirokane 5-Chome Award.

 The 2nd Round Challenge at OFS is just getting started.

Come have fun with the Award and show us your own favorites!

Food Division: Now accepting submissions. "Healthy, Safe, Delicious"

With that, the Shirokane 5-Chome Award 2nd Round Food Division is underway.

Switching away from jewelry to a theme of "Healthy, Safe, Delicious," our judges for this round will be Confectionery Researcher Rika Fukuda and KIGI, accepting submissions for foods with carefully selected ingredients and catering plans alike.

 Let's hear from our judges about the kinds of submissions they're hoping for in this round: 

Rika Fukuda(Confectionery Researcher

Food is one of our most important tools for communication. Not only that, but people from a wide variety of backgrounds work in jobs relating to food. I hope that people who are hoping to go into food, people who are already active in food, as well as students and people from other lines of work join us in freely developing and sharing your ideas. We can't wait to see you there!


Ryousuke Uehara(KIGI)

I'm hoping to see foods that are delicious, not just beautiful, and foods that are carefully put together, not just delicious.

I want to eat something that brings its ingredients and flavors to life, something healthy and all-around delicious.

If you're planning something raw, I encourage you to submit it as a catering plan.I can't wait to try all the delicious foods with everyone at the judging.

Yoshie Watanabe(KIGI)

It might be nice to see people using ngredients from a variety of different prefectures, or that use ingredients that come from the earth to bring to life something new. There must be some truly delicious ingredients that are unknown to people from different prefectures. Ideas that bring ingredients like that to life sound like a lot of fun.

The Editorial Department picks out a few hints about what to make!

"What kind of idea should I submit to the Food Division?" If you'r worried about that, take a look at some creations by judge Fukuda and a few favorites by KIGI Uehara selected by the Editorial Department. We hope you'll find them useful.

 There's only a litlte time lef until the deadline, and we're looking forward to seeing delicious dishes from all over japan and across the world!

--from Rika Fukuda's instagram

Lemon petal garnish. The subtle bitterness adds a wonderful flavor. A taste as if the scent of lemon had melted into honey.
A lemony ceviche salad. Bursting with Hiroshima lemons and seasonal veggies.

From KIGI Uehara's instagram

The chioben that debuted for the Hina Matsuri at OUR FAVORITE SHOP With a beautiful combination of colors and an innovative blend of flavors, a sense of "I'd like to try it at least once." and "I've never tasted anything like it," comes to life in this dreamlike bento.

Written by

reiko shinohara

AWRD編集部 / PR、ライター

デザイン、アート、ライフスタイルにまつわる分野でライティング、コミュニケーション活動を行う。 群馬県富岡市出身、O型、うお座、動物占いは ひつじ。

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