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A project that uses the olive pits as a raw material, an abundant by-product whose current use is reduced to burning for biomass, and for which we have developed a recovery process to transform it into a noble material.
We began by working with small olive stone samples obtained from our own consumption.
Later we went to the olive sector to obtain the waste in bulk with less energy expenditure and took advantage of the olive stone byproduct from the milling process to extract oil. There we realized that those olive pits were actually a problem because they did not know what to do with so much waste, and this gave us even more reasons to work on developing a new solution also for the olive industry.
We apply maker culture principles combined in parallel with material research, design and prototyping to validate its use.
We imagine REolivar as a standard that can be applied in various sectors interested in the properties of the material as furniture, architecture, interior&product design, toys, or packaging.
Reolivar has participated in numerous exhibitions and has recently won the S.T.A.R.T's prize from ARS electronics together with Remix el Barrio.