USIO Design Project

A new kind of "Region x design" project in which differing cultures meet at an intersection point full of abundance.

The "USIO Design Project" is a project which rediscovers the charm of Ishigaki Island through the power of design. Since long ago, Ishigaki Island has cultivated its unique culture as the meeting place of the cultures of Ryukyu, Japan, and Taiwan.

Based on three projects, this project considered a new "journey" on Ishigaki Island. Centered in the three locations of Ishigaki, Tokyo and Taipei, it multiplied the imagination of designers from around the world with the island's products, workers, and wisdom, and created ideas for specialty products and new journeys.

This was held with the aim of rebranding the whole of Ishigaki Island in order to create a "Non-consumption tourist area" in response to the rapid increase of domestic and foreign tourists due to the opening of Ishigaki Airport.
In the first year, the theme of redesigning specialty products was advertised publicly and commercialized. Specialty products from the island were introduced along with the stories of those who make them; in the second year, Ishigaki tours were publicly advertised, uncovering once again Ishigaki's charm from the outside; and in the third year, a website and a free newspaper summarizing this information were created.


石垣市 / Loftwork / 石垣島CLIP