Shirokane Go-chome Award vol 1. Jewelry and craft category

Something to put on everyday and treasure for a lifetime. that is the kind of jewelry and craft that we are looking for.

Results TUE, APR 24, 2018 - SUN, MAY 20, 2018

We are looking for jewelry and craft that will give some glamour to daily life.

For the Shirokane Go-chome vol. 1 jewelry and craft category, we are seeking applications for items that are expected to be developed or sold at shops. OFS has been selling products designed by KIGI, as well as items created by jewelry designers associated with KIGI, such as Etsuko Sonobe. We are planning to add the winning pieces to our line up.

The accessories should be beautiful and full of originality, so that they appear to retain a message about the flow of time and the surroundings.

With a focus on pottery, stationary, and designed items, we would like to see craftwork that can be used everyday and add a touch of glamour to daily life.

Etsuko Sonobe will be welcomed as a commentator so that participants can get feedback from a professional perspective. We look forward to encountering jewelry and crafts that can be used practically and add a sparkle to daily life.


About the Shirokane Go-chome Award

We are accepting applications in three categories. They will be judged by the creative unit, KIGI made up of Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe. In the hopes of becoming a store loved by customers, we will be welcoming creatives who have taken part in making OFS a place for exchanging and disseminating culture and ideas. They will be participating as commentators to judge the pieces for each category,

Winners will have a chance to sell their work in stores, as well as participate in events and exhibitions. Come share OUR values and spread out from OFS (OUR FAVORITE SHOP) in Shirokane Go-chome. That is the concept for the Shirokane Go-chome award.

Etsuko Sonobe × Interview with OFS Column

The designer Etsuko Sonobe, who will be judging this award.

OUR FAVORITE SHOP interviewed Ms. Sonobu about the lure of jewelry.

Read the interview here

Shirokane Go-chome Award

vol 1. Jewelry and craft (April 23-May20)
vol 2. Food (mid-May)
vol 3. Art (early June)

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