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Application rules


1. Application method / 參加方法

This award uses the award platform AWRD (hereinafter referred to as AWRD) operated by Loftwork Inc. to solicit ideas online. To apply, AWRD account registration is required (free of charge). Applicants must apply according to the submissions and application methods set forth in the application guidelines for this award.


2. Intellectual property rights / 關於智慧財產權

  • The applicant has intellectual property rights to the applied design. In making an application, follow the procedures for rights protection at the responsibility of the applicant.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for any problems that arise with respect to intellectual property rights, and the organizers shall in no way be held responsible.
  • The applicant shall allow the organizers to reproduce, process, and publish their entries for case introduction and publicity without obtaining permission from the applicant.
  • 參加徵選時的提出作品,其相關知識財產權屬於參加者。參加徵選者須自行保障其作品的所有權利。
  • 因知識財產權所產生的任何問題紛爭,均由參加者自行負責,主辦單位不負任何相關責任。
  • 參加者同意主辦單位因案例介紹、宣傳等目的,可不經參加者同意,逕行複製、加工、公開其作品。

3. Points to note / 注意事項

3-1. Prohibited items / 禁止事項

  • All fraudulent acts are prohibited in submitting ideas. If it is judged that the award is improper on grounds of design plagiarism, etc., the award will be annulled even after the examination is completed and the result made known.
  • If you use materials (photos, illustrations, etc.) created by third parties for your ideas, check the licensing terms at your own responsibility and expense for ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. Please use them within the permitted scope.
  • In addition, the organizers shall in no way be held liable for any infringement or compensation for damage claimed by a third party against the applicant or the organizers.
  • Any acts that contravene Japanese domestic law or international law are prohibited. Any acts that cause physical or mental damage to a third party, or that defame a third party, or that infringe any right of a third party, are prohibited. In addition, any acts that are against public order and morals are prohibited.
  • 參加徵選嚴禁任何詐欺行為。若發現作品有抄襲等事實,經確認判斷為不適宜獲獎,即使是審查結束或結果通知後,主辦單位亦有權取消獲獎。
  • 作品內容若有使用第三者的著作素材(照片、圖像插畫等),參加者須自費且自行負責確認釐清其相關所有權、智慧財產權、肖像權、公開權等使用條件以及可使用範圍。
  • 若是有第三者向參加者或是主辦者提出侵權或是損害賠償等告訴,主辦單位將不負任何責任。
  • 禁止任何牴觸日本國內法或國際法的行為。禁止任何造成第三者物理上或精神上損害之行為,禁止任何造成第三者名譽毀損之行為,禁止任何侵害第三者權利之行為。此外,禁止任何違法善良風俗或公共秩序之行為。

3-2. Disclaimer / 免責事項

  • Application methods and ideas that do not follow the specifications set forth in the application guidelines will be excluded from the screening.
  • The award will be nullified if no communication is received by the designated date after the examination results are made known.
  • We will not be able to respond to any inquires pertaining to the examination status and results from the applicants.
  • 沒有遵守參加要點規定之參加方法、規格的作品,主辦單位有權排除其於審查對象之外。
  • 審查結果通知後,若於指定日期前無法取得聯繫,主辦單位將會視其獲獎為無效。
  • 主辦單位不會受理關於參加者的審查狀況、評選結果等詢問。

4. Treatment of personal information / 關於個資的處理

Personal information provided in this award will be used only for the purposes of screening or award management. As a general rule, personal information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without obtaining the consent of the principal, unless otherwise stipulated by law.



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