Would you like to create products that will challenge the world together with companies in Yao City?

These are Yao City companies that have supported Japanese manufacturing from the ground up and have created all kinds of household goods and industrial products.  Although they have superior technologies, these have not been introduced to the world. 

In order to break out of such a situation, we will create original products that make use of the technological capabilities we have cultivated and aim to expand into various markets around the world over the next few years.

Therefore, together with companies in Yao City, we appeal to creators who will take on the world.




The stage for the first year is Taiwan.

Taiwan is a region that has brisk exchanges and strong cultural affinities with Japan. It is also attracting attention as a foothold for expanding into the People’s Republic of China and Southeast Asia. 

In Taiwan, we will work together with Yao City companies to study the lifestyles of the locals and create products that seamlessly become part of their lives.


Recruitment theme

“Products that enrich the mind”

The products handled by the target companies are diverse, including textiles, resins, and metals. Please propose product ideas that utilize the technologies and materials of each company, under the theme “Products that enrich the mind.”


▼Perspectives of richness

In thinking about richness, it is easier to come up with ideas if you think from the following perspectives.

1. Enriching individual lives

2. Enriching communication with others

3. Enriching the social structure



1. 增加個人生活的幸福感

2. 提升人際溝通的幸福感

3. 創造社會的幸福感

▼Tips on thinking about ideas

If you are stuck for ideas, be sure to check out the tips on ideas.



Target companies 參加企業

Each company calls for product ideas.

*There is no limit to the number of entries. It is also possible to apply to multiple companies. 



Learn about the company

Company 參加企業Main products 主力商業素材
Fujita Metal Manufacturing Co., Inc. 
Frying pan, deep fryer, teapot, tumbler
Hototogisu Co., Inc.
Sewing mosquito net dishcloths
Daiichi Sogei Co., Inc.
Fukusa silk cloths
Lapis Co., Inc. 
Toothbrushes, oral care products
Kinjo Rubber Co., Inc. 
Industrial rubber and resin products
Akasaka Engraving Lab
Engraving and image transfer
O-TWO Co., Inc. 
Commercial chairs and tables
Runeseikou Co., Inc.
Steel furniture


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Merits of participation

  • Invitation to field research in Taiwan (travel expenses and accommodation costs will be borne by the organizers) 
  • Royalty contracts (5% of wholesale price if commercialized) 

*The actual terms of contract will be determined through negotiations between the company and the applicant after commercializing the product.

  • 招待參加台灣的田野調查(交通費與住宿費由主辦單位負擔)
  • 專利授權契約(若達成商品化則支付5%成本費用)

Recommendations to such people

  • I want to take on a new field.
  • I want to spread the field of my activities overseas.
  • I want to find out whether my creativity will pass muster in the world.
  • I am interested in overseas markets centering on Asia.
  • I want to do branding as well as shape design.
  • 想挑戰新領域的人
  • 想拓展海外經驗的人
  • 想知道自己的原創在海外是否行得通的人
  • 對亞洲市場有興趣的人
  • 除了有形的設計之外
  • 也想實行品牌策略的人

Schedule 日程

Application period 徵求期間

September 19, 2019 (Th.) to October 20, 2019 (Sun)

Deadline 徵求截止

October 20, 2019 (Sun.) 19:00 (Japan Time)

Screening 審查

October 21, 2019 (Mon.)

Announcement of results 結果發表

October 25, 2019 (Fri.)

Pep rally 誓師大會

November 1, 2019 (Fri.)

Field research in Taiwan 台灣的田野調查

November 6, 2019 (Wed.) to November 8, 2019 (Fri.)

Product manufacture 產品製作

November 11, 2019 (Mon.) to January 31, 2020 (Fri.)

Product display 產品展示

February 9, 2020 (Sun.) to March 8, 2020 (Sun.)



Yasuhiro Horiuchi 堀內 康廣

Trunk Design Co., Inc.
Representative director /creative director

He opened “Trunk Design” in 2009, and opened an office and shop in Tarumi-Shodaisuji, Kobe.
He worked on a wide range of direction and design projects for local industry products and branding, advertising in department stores, etc. In 2011, he started up Hyogo craft to present manufacturing in Hyogo prefecture, and also worked on Mori no Utsuwa wood utensils, an original product utilizing lumber from forest-thinning and local materials from Hyogo prefecture; on the apparel brands IRoDoRi & megulu with Banshu-Ori textile weavers; on the incense brands Ku and Daily, which can be used on a daily basis, with incense manufacturers on Awaji Island. In 2018, he entered three projects for the Golden Pin Design Award, a Taiwanese design award, one of which won the highest award. In April 2018, he inherited the printing company Gramic Process, Ltd., and took office as the third-generation owner.

代表取締役 / 創意總監

2009年,神戶垂水・商大筋一帶,TRUNK DESIGN的辦公室與店舖同時開幕,多方面活躍於在地產業的企劃與品牌行銷,也執行設計百貨公司的廣告業務。2011年,為了推廣介紹兵庫縣的製造產業,成立「Hyogo craft」,協助推廣使用兵庫縣的間伐材與在地林材的原創商品「森の器」,與播州織的職人共同製作服飾品牌「iRoDoRi」・「megulu」,與淡路島的製香職人合作,打造日常也能使用的線香品牌「Ku」「Daily」。2018年,3作品入圍台灣金點設計獎,1作品獲得最佳設計獎。2018年4月,以第三代之姿,繼承印刷事業 Gramic Process Ltd。

Shinya Kobayashi 小林 新也

Joint Company Coelacanth Shokudo / MUJUN
Representative director / Designer

He was born in Hyogo prefecture in 1987. He graduated from the design department, the Osaka University of Arts. In 2011, he founded a joint company called Coelacanth Shokudo, which conducts innovation design, in Ono City, Hyogo, his home prefecture. He works on innovations in sales channels and communication methods, and awareness of products and technologies such as Banshu cutlery and Banshu abacuses, Sekishu washi paper, Sekishu tiles, traditional Kyoto handicrafts, and tackles problems faced by producers. In particular, he aims to create sustainable manufacturing practices from a global and local perspective. In 2016, he launched an original product brand called MUJUN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In July 2018, he started WORK SHOP with the aim of nurturing successors to local knife makers, and he set up a new sustainable system for training successors.

合同会社Coelacanth食堂 / MUJUN

1987年出生於兵庫縣。2010年畢業於大阪藝術大學設計學科。2011年,在家鄉的兵庫縣小野市成立合同会社Coelacanth食堂,致力於創新設計。與播州刀具、播州算盤、石州和紙、石州瓦以及京都的傳統工藝品商家合作,提升商品與技術、通路與呈現方式以及意識的改造,與商家並肩解決生產製造上的問題,並且特別著眼於全球與在地化,打造永續的生產流程。2016年原創品牌「MUJUN」在荷蘭阿姆斯特丹設立。2018年7月,為了培養家鄉的刀具職人繼承者,成立了「 WORK SHOP 」,期望打造出可以不間斷培養技術繼承者的教育環境。

Lee Yuhan 李郁函

Account Manager

She was born in Taichung, Taiwan. Being strongly attracted by Japanese culture and the high level of creativity and technical skills in manufacturing, she moved to Japan to study design after graduating from university. During her stay in Japan, she was involved in manufacturing as a designer. Since 2014, she has been with Pinkoi, a Taiwan company that develops cross-border designer E-commerce. Currently, as a designer support representative, she acts as a bridge between Taiwan and Japan, and sends excellent Japanese design products overseas.

Pinkoi Account Manager



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The YAOYA PROJECT is a project to make Yao manufacturing known to the world. The word YAOYA likens Yao manufacturing, which can produce a wide range of things, to a greengrocer, YAOYA in Japanese (literally, “a supplier of 800 things”). It fits Yao manufacturing, which has delivered good and seasonal things with sure judgment. In addition, the name Yao itself means the locality of Yao, which is aligned with commercial and industrial agriculture. It also represents Yao manufacturing that has supported and enriched the lives of Japanese people at close quarters. 

YAOYA PROJECT是指將八尾市的製作物推廣到全世界的專案。「YAOYA」是新鮮蔬果專賣店“八百屋“的日語發音,「八百」用以代表八尾的企業能夠製造的品項之多,並且如同蔬果專賣店一般,以精確的眼光挑選,提供最上質最新鮮的產品。此外,YAOYA也可直接代表八尾(YAO),除了呈現八尾市的農、工、商集結的地域特性,也表現出「八尾的製造能量,總在不遠處支持著、豐富著日本人的生活」。


Yao City