Application guidelines


Qualification requirements / 參加資格

  • Individuals or groups under 40 years old (persons of the target age at the time of entry)
  • Any nationality
  • Ability to participate in field research in Taiwan scheduled for November 6 to November 8. *The organizers will bear the actual expenses of travel and accommodation.
  • 40歲以下的個人或團體(參加之際的足歲年齡)
  • 國籍不限
  • 可參加預定於11月6日〜11月8日舉辦之台灣田野調查※交通費・住宿費由主辦單位負擔

Application items / 參加作品數

No limit
*If multiple entries are made, please make a separate entry for each idea.


Application method / 參加方法

We use the award platform AWRD (hereinafter referred to as AWRD) operated by Loftwork Inc. to solicit ideas online.

*To apply, AWRD membership registration (free) is required.




Submissions / 提出資料

(1) A work sheet (in Japanese or English)

Please make a layout in a free form on a sheet of A3 paper (width 297 mm x height 420 mm), landscape orientation (use one side only). Fill out the following items on it and submit.

  • Title
  • Concept
  • Proposal image (CG, model photo, illustration, etc.)
  • In addition to the above, feel free to add any elements necessary for the proposal.



  • 主題
  • 概念
  • 提案藍圖(CG、模型寫真、插畫圖像等)
  • 請自由追加其他能夠說提案內容的材料上。

(2) Material that shows a portfolio or performance

* Make your work sheet in Japanese or English.
* Submit one work sheet per work.
* Entries must be original and unpublished both domestically and internationally.
* Do not include information that can identify the applicant in the sheet.



Examination criteria / 審查標準

  • Is it in line with the theme?
  • Does it utilize the characteristics of the entrepreneur?
  • Is it unobvious?
  • Can it be implemented?
  • Its beauty as a design
  • 是否符合主題
  • 是否有活用企業主的商業特徵
  • 是否出人意表
  • 是否有實現的可能性
  • 創意美感

Application fee / 參加費用


Points to note / 注意事項

  • The award winners will work on commercialization in cooperation with the company while receiving advice from the mentor.
  • The award winners will participate in field research in Taiwan scheduled for November 6 to November 8 (Wednesday to Friday) together with Yao companies. * The organizers will bear the actual travel and accommodation expenses.
  • 獲選者必須在導師的指導之下,與企業主合作,共同完成製品。
  • 獲選者必須於11月6日〜11月8日(周三〜五),與八尾市的企業主們一同參加台灣田野調查。


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