HELLO my name is "AWRD" !

THU, APR 19, 2018


We want to be useful in your work and daily life. I hope "AWRD" are in your future! 

Hello, I am the new Chief Editor of AWRD, Kao Kanamori.

The mind of the "expresser" and the "creator" that brings richness to our daily lives and shape to the as yet unseen future slumbers universally within us all. I want to jam up and circulate that power around the world, and with unexpected chemical reactions, shower energy and rainbows down on the society of tomorrow. I want to create an environment where everybody can make manifest their creativity and individually work towards goals with discipline.

AWRD will be reborn as a place for connecting ability with projects via participation in a variety of competitions, hackathons, and ideathons. With an online system for work submission and evaluation, a multitude of persons can host AWRD events, and we can create a location to accumulate many abilities.

Creative power thrives in arenas of competition and co-creatvitiy, and is the key to making breakthroughs and the impetus and force for opening up the future in fields like design and manufacturing, product and service development, education, and tourism and industrial regions.

We at AWRD have only just reached the starting line, but utilizing loftwork's community from it's old website, the creative network it  has made, the friends it has in Fab culture and bases overseas, the experience it has gained in planning and operating via participation in hackathons and competitions, we will cultivate AWRD as a platform as we simultaneously make and develop a variety of projects locally and globally.

We want to be useful in your work and your daily life. I hope awards are in your future!

I await any questions or consultations. Click here for details of our services.

Thank you so much for visiting us and I look forward to see you soon.

Lots of love xxx

Kao Kanamori   AWRD Chief Editor

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出版社リトルモア、ファッションブランドシアタープロダクツの創業プロデューサーなどを経て、AWRD編集長に就任。主婦・NPO法人ドリフターズ・インターナショナル代表・「悪魔のしるし」代表代行・マクラメ部部長など兼務。 After working fora publishing house LITTLE MORE and acting as a founder and creative Producer of a fashion brand THEATRE PRODUCTS, Kao is now Chief Editor of AWRD. Housewife, Director of the NPO Drifters International, Acting Director of Akumanoshirushi, Director of Macramé Department, among others.

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