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Re : Re:Starting from Zero: Snow Leopard Protection (Re:ゼロから始めるユキヒョウ保護)

Team name : Re : Re:Starting from Zero: Snow Leopard Protection (Re:ゼロから始めるユキヒョウ保護)

Members : Ryo Kobiyama [Facilitator]
Miyuh Yamaguch
Sugawa Madona
Kazuma Okada
Koto Taniwaki
Taromaru Tanaka

Challenge : How might we increase the number of snow leopard predators in the snow leopard's habitat?

The first step in increasing the number of snow leopards is to secure snow leopard cubs from zoos and raise them in an ecosystem which also supports herbivores in a way that is circular. Sheep and goats, which regularly serve as prey are regularly moved into the snow leopard's habitat using sheepdogs. Snow leopard dung will be collected and composted in a fixed location, and vegetables and grasses will be grown to feed the sheep and goats, aiming for a recycling system. The funds needed for the costs will be secured through crowdfunding, government support, and by making the area a tourist attraction.