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Soil Cafe

Team name : sprout

Members : Asuka Kondo [Facilitator]
Riri Wagatsuma
Hiroki Kubo
Yujin Yamaguchi
Hagu Kashiwabara
Momoka Takahashi

Challenge : How can we coexist in harmony while preserving our culture and not giving the soil too much trouble?

"Our team plans to open a "Soil Cafe". The exterior is made of glass and the floor is made of living, organic soil. The concept is that the customers themselves become plants and feel with their five senses that nature and humans are equal.

From the entrance, background music played from the electrical signals of the bacteria which the soil creates, inducing a new world view. Next, there is the Soil Cafe BAR, where customers can choose soil from various regions of Japan. The soil is then used to make pancake batter, face masks, and pottery. Excess soil is generated in this process, so we have prepared a compote that you can take home. By planting and growing the seeds, you can enjoy the aftermath of the Soil Cafe at home.

By identifying with and becoming a plant yourself at the Soil Cafe, you can rediscover the value of soil and how important it is for the crops we usually eat. We thought that by providing the space and the products, we could give them a memorable experience.