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Team members: Noriko Hino (Facilitator), Arwa Borsadwala, Kohei Katsurasako

Challenge: How might we reconnect urban commuters with their natural environment?

Solution idea:


Right now, people in Tokyo are usually focused on a digital screen during their commute. We hope to connect people back to nature through a SISTER STATION program.

What is a Sister Station?

It's building relationships between the city (Tokyo) with the rural towns in Japan.
We aim to connect with nature by learning their skills and lifestyle. For people in Nara they can interact with people in Tokyo. Learn new digital techniques from the big city

The sensorial experience of being inside a busy train station can be overwhelming and stressful; people end up wearing headphones and diving into a virtual world on their phone. We can use technology to recreate a peaceful scene on the train station platform that might be enjoyed by people in the countryside. Using hydroponic gardening, greenery can be increased. Relaxing natural soundscapes curated by a grandmother in Nara, Japan, brings a chill vibe to commuters in the city. There is a "道の駅" (a station shop selling local vegetables and local tasty food") from the sister station in the countryside.