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My Spider

Team name : FRIENDS

Members : Ranna Ogawa [Facilitator]
Akira Ohno
Naoto Kuronuma
Mayu Tanabe
Saki Maehira
Kaya Aoki
Yuimi Ozaki

Challenge : How might we make people have a positive image of spiders and empathize with them, so that spiders and humans can coexist harmoniously?

"For many people, there is a strong distaste for spiders in our daily life. In our interviewing research, although there were a few people who answered that they like spiders, more people in our research group considered them to be creatures that they dislike. Therefore, we decided to use spiders as a model for this project, aiming for a more natural coexistence with such familiar creatures. Our team also got some hints from the concept called ""Human Animal"" by Naho Iguchi, who gave a lecture on ""Give Space"" as a guest speaker for our GGJ. We want to break the framework of the ecological pyramid, and create an environment where we can be flat with each other and live in harmony.

Our idea is called My Spider. The reason we developed My Spider was to help people learn about spiders and become affectionately attached to them, so that if they found a spider in their house, they would naturally say, ""Oh, that's a spider"" and not immediately think to kill it with pesticide. The main concept of the project is to introduce a function that would turn a spider, which is eerie when seen in real life, into a cute avatar-like character by verbalizing the spider's emotions and behavior using the camera function of a smartphone. If we can take pictures of spiders, turn them into avatars, and register them in an illustrated book, we can enjoy collecting spiders, and learn about their characteristics and curiosity. This would allow them to learn about the characteristics of spiders and to feel empathy for spiders.

One of the issues raised here is that even though it is possible to take pictures of spiders and make them into cute avatars, it is difficult to create a trigger for people to install the application. Also, we have to think about what to do if the user comes across a dangerous spider and children who don't know anything about it approach it and are injured.
Future Prospects
We thought that if this app were to become widespread in the future, it would be exciting to add more content to the scenes of verbalization when the photos are taken. We also thought that it would be possible to develop products not only for the coexistence of spiders, but also for other creatures that humans are not familiar with."

"クモと共存するアイディアの動機は、普段私たちが生活している上で、もっとも身近にいる皆の嫌いなものと言えば「クモ」が挙げられたことだ。クモが好きと答える意見も多少はあるが、グループではどっちかというと苦手な生き物と捉える人の方が多かった。そこで身近にいる生き物と共存することで、私たちとの関わりが当たり前に、または自然になるような共存を目指して「クモ」という生き物を今回の主人公とした。それと、ゲストスピーカーとして”Give Space”の講義をしてくださった井口奈保さんの「Human Animal」の概念からヒントを貰って、クモと人間の構成する生態系ピラミッドの枠を破り、クモと人間がフラットな関係になれる環境を作りたいと思った。
 そこで私たちは、クモと共存をするために「My Spider」というアプリケーションを提案した。My Spiderを開発した理由は、クモについて知ること、人間に愛着を持たせることが目標で、もし家の中に出没したクモを見つけても、「あ、クモだ」と自然に溶け込むような姿勢になってほしいと考えたからだ。主な内容は、リアルで目視すると不気味なクモを、スマートフォンのカメラ機能を使って、クモの感情や言動を言語化し、アバターのような可愛いキャラクターにする機能である。家の中にいつどこに現れるかわからない不気味なクモも、写真を撮って、アバター化して、それを図鑑に登録できるようになれば、クモの特徴を学び、好奇心を持つことが出来る。そしてクモについて共感することができると考えた。
 ここで課題として取り上げられたのが、クモの写真を撮って可愛いアバターなどに出来るアプリを作っても、そのアプリケーションを入れるまでの誘導のきっかけ作りが困難であることや、アプリケーションとしてスマホに入れるか、My Spider専用のデバイスを作るかどうか、もし危険なクモと出くわしてしまった場合どうするか、などが挙げられた。