YouFab Global Creative Awards

A challenge in the field of fabrication that transcends the divide between the digital and the physical.

The YouFab Global Creative Awards recognize and award prizes to creations and inventions that were created through the powerful collaboration of digital and physical fabrication.

Every year since 2012, the award selects projects, activities, and works from all over the world. These may encompass anything from products, art, or architecture to performance art, workshops, and the like.

Works by Past Winners

Regenerative Reliquary by Amy Karle, Grand Prix, 2017

Regenerative Reliquary is a work created from human stem cells and 3D printers to reproduce the bones of the human hand. By drawing out the possibility of life from inanimate objects, this work raises questions about the mystery of life.

OTON GLASS by OTON GLASS Inc., Grand Prix, 2016

OTON GLASS is a pair of smart glasses that support the reading ability of people who have difficulty reading written words by converting visual character information into sound. The glasses capture characters located in the same position as the user’s viewpoint with a camera and convert them into textual data using text recognition technology. The glasses read out the words as sound, thus enabling the user to understand the character information.

Kinematics Dress by nervous system, Grand Prix, 2015

This is a dress created using a a 3D printer. Composed of thousands of parts that are printed as a single folded piece, the dress does away with the need for human assembly. In its combination of design, simulation, and digital fabrication, the dress represents a new approach to fabrication—the creation of complex, customized products.

Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs by Aki Inomata, Grand Prix, 2014

The production of this series of works started with No Man's Land (2009), an exhibition marking the demolition of the French Embassy in Japan. The former French Embassy was used as the exhibition space. This land had been “France” until October, 2009. For the 50 years after 2009 it will become Japan, and subsequently, it will become “France” again. Shocked by this story, the artist made an imaginative leap to the image of hermit crabs and their habit of moving into new “shelters.” Inomata felt something in common between this peaceful entry and change-over of countries on the same land and hermit crabs, which look completely different due to the “shelter” carried on their backs, even though their “content” remains the same.

Special prize: Yamaha Award, The Switch to your Emotions

The Yamaha Award was established as a special prize during the YouFab Global Creative Award of 2016.

In recognition of Yamaha Corporation's corporate slogan of "Creating Emotions, Together,” the Yamaha Award is awarded for works that take on the challenge of creating a “switch to your emotions.”

During the 3-month application period for the Yamaha Award, 147 entries from 27 countries were received. The judges selected OTON GLASS as the recipient of the Yamaha Award, the work that won the Grand Prix in the YouFab Global Creative Awards of the same year.

“emoglass,” a prototype developed by OTON GLASS and Yamaha employees, was exhibited in the YouFab Prize-Winning Works Exhibition which was held subsequently, based on the Yamaha Prize applications theme “the switch to your emotions.”

(About the Yamaha Award:

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